Arduino Based Final Year Projects

Arduino Based Final Year Projects

 Arduino based final year projects provided by us with the aim of serving our students for their final year projects. Our experts share a vast quantity of knowledge throughout the world. As part of our journey, we plan for your final year projects. Start your academic career with the full confidence of a professional; gain more insight from our experts. Our organization has great powers also to make you successful in your career. We have listed various offers from for Arduino based final year projects; reach us to know more information from experts.

 Here’s we show, what our experts currently offer our students,

  • Complete guidance also for projects and research
  • Most Apt Title
  • Abstract
  • Literature Review
  • Brief Introduction
  • Problem definition
  • Proposed solutions
  • Theoretical and also in practical explanations
  • Data Results
  • Outputs visualization
  • Conclusion

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A list of research areas we have enumerated below which are recently handled and developed by our top experts,

Sensor Networks with Arduino

  • Human activity monitoring
  • Auto Dietary system
  • 3D visualization
  • CaaS (Crowd as a Sensor)
  • Sensor network simulator migration
  • Sensor network protocols
  • Optical sensors
  • Routing protocols and also algorithms
  • Wireless Ad hoc Networks
  • Network performance evaluation
  • Power management
  • Cross layer design
  • Network Topologies definition
  • Node mobility
  • Connected vehicles
  • Magnetic sensor with their applications
  • Networked embedded systems
  • XBee in WSN also for Arduino platform
  • Body area networks and also wearable computing

Arduino with Software Architectures, Sensor Networks and Applications

  • Decision support systems
  • Simulation and also in modeling
  • Internet of Things and smart sensors
  • Operating systems and also platforms
  • Middleware and also in programming
  • Communication and connectivity
  • Home monitoring
  • Cloud computing
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Human Computer Interfaces
  • Ambient assisted living
  • Tasking, scheduling and control
  • Smart wireless connectivity also with LED bulb
  • BNO055 absolute orientation sensor to capture IMU data
  • Santa Cam with Motion activation
  • Own sous vide machine based on DIY arduino
  • Next ultrasonic competitor: Zambroombi
  • Arduino for flash freeze photgraphy
  • GPS transmitter design from own with HC-12 transceiver
  • Building touch less MIDI controller also with enabled arduino

Latest Research Topics in Arduino based Final Year Projects

  • Interactive design based method also for smart home remote controlling
  • Grid connected solar panels also for real time measurement on WSN
  • Harmonic suppression and also sequential and automatic reactive power compensation using power quality monitoring and appliance clustering
  • Single phase and single stage reconfigurable inverter technology also for Hybrid solar power DC/AC home
  • Mecanum wheel Omni directional mobile robots integration also for ROS
  • Remote robot control system development also for Snake Robot using IoS system and SSH protocol
  • Fuel monitoring and also bus tracking system design
  • Microcontroller intended to also used for a PID control system implementation
  • Fingerprint based lock system implementation also for a shared access applications
  • Autopilot platform design also using HILS approach
  • Autonomous percipient system irrigation using Raspberry Pi with IoT
  • Smartphone with Bluetooth based sophisticated home automation system
  • XBee on Arduino also in Wireless sensor networks
  • Health monitoring system and also pilgrim tracking using wearable sensors
  • PPG signal for real time heart rate detection also in noisy environment