Thesis Topic on Networking

Thesis Topic on Networking

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  • Topic & domain selection
  • Research & proposal
  • Problem definition
  • Research methodology
  • Mathematical formulation
  • Complete literature survey
  • System design & implementation
  • Performance analysis and results

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Topic on Networking

     Thesis Topic on Networking Provide you innovative and creative ideas to shine your thesis writing successfully. We provide support for our students and scholars through Thesis Topic on Networking service on effectively provide research guidance in Networking. We support 100+ network simulation tools with 50+ performance metrics for our research scholars and students

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Now let’s have a brief idea about research areas and research topics,

Major Research Areas

  • Telecommunication network
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Software defined networks
  • Distribution network
  • Wireless personal area networks
  • Wireless body area networks
  • Neural network
  • Metropolitan area network
  • Wide area sparse road network
  • Social networks
  • Cognitive wireless local area network
  • Metamorphosing network also based on (M-Net)
  • Wireless access network
  • Medium voltage network
  • Artificial neural network

Major Network Simulators

Open Source Simulators:
  • Netkit
  • NS2
  • NS3
  • JSIM
  • Marrionet
Commercial Simulators:
  • QualNet
Networking Attacks:
  • Hardware Trojan attack
  • Cyber attack
  • Physical layer also in attack
  • DDoS also based on attack
  • Jamming attack
  • Security attack
  • Actuator and also in sensor attack
  • Flooding attack
  • IP spoofing also in attack
  • SSDF (also in Spectrum Sensing data falsification) attack
  • Node capture attack
  • Byzantine also in attack
  • Black hole also based on attack
  • Battery exhaustion also based on attack
  • Side channel also in attack
  • Sybil attack
Networking Protocols:
  • POP – Post Office Protocol
  • MTP – Media Transfer Protocol
  • Telnet – also in Teletype Network
  • HTTP – also in Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • TCP – also in Transmission Control Protocol
  • SFTP – also in Secure File Transfer Protocol
  • HTTPs – also in Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  • OSI protocols
  • Routing Protocols
  • Fiber Optic Protocol
  • Mime Protocol
  • SSSH secure shell
  • NNTP – also in Network News Transfer Protocol
  • TLS – also Transport Layer Security
  • SMTP – also Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • QOTD Quote of the Day
  • Bitcoin Protocol
  • Ethereum Protocol
  • HTCPCP – also in Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol
  • Fibre Channel also in network protocols

Recent Research Topics

  • Enabling machine-type communication services also using framework
  • Face and kinship verification also using discriminative deep metric learning
  • Eigen value decomposition of the signless laplacian also for detecting functional modules of the brain
  • Documentation of unwritten languages also using towards phoneme inventory discovery
  • Functional brain connectivity also using fitting networks models
  • Flexible end-to-end network design also using access and metro network convergence
  • Next generation cognitive computing also using neuromorphic technologies
  • Action recognition with three stream CNN also using sequential deep trajectory descriptor
  • Appling an energy storage systems in trolleybus DC traction also using electric energy monitoring
  • Software defined adaptive cognitive networks also for smart multimedia services distribution
  • 3D convolutional neural networks also for automatic recognition of fMRI-derived functional networks

       We also believe that the aforesaid information is sufficient to have brief knowledge about Networking. Feel free to get in touch with us if you feel we can help, or if you also have any questions about Topic on Networking. Our online service is also available 24×7.

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