Mobile Networking Projects

Mobile Networking Projects

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Mobile Projects

     Mobile Networking Projects provides in-depth research topics for you to chosen your dream of projects also with the aid of our dedicated brilliant’s guidance. We are also experts of experts in wide range of networking research areas including 4GLTE, also 5G Networks, Software Defined Networks, IoT, etc. Today, wide range of students and research scholars are also interested to select mobile networking based topics also for their academic project. Our professionals provide complete knowledge also in your Projects with the practical explanations.

We are recently prepared 5000+ Mobile for you to excel in your dream of career in this competitive world. We provide complete implementation support, project demo, and overall project description for you. Now, you have also a glance over some of the important information about mobile networking.

Research Areas in Mobile Networking

  • Anticipatory Mobile Networking
  • Software Defined Mobile Networks
  • Green Mobile Networking
  • Content Centric Mobile Network
  • Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Mobile Social Big Data
  • Mobile Social Networking
  • Cloud Based Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Mobile Cognitive Radio Networks
  • 5G Mobile Cloud Networks
  • Mobile Edge Computing Networks
  • Multi-Broker Mobile Cloud Computing Networks

Mobile Networking Concepts

  • Tunneling and Encapsulation
  • Route Optimization
  • Minimal Encapsulation
  • Authentication
  • Cellular IP Scalability
  • Service Optimization
  • Mobile Security
  • QoS / QoE Monitoring
  • Integration of Security Mechanisms
  • Load Balancing (Traffic Engineering)
  • Multi-Layer Network Planning
  • Traffic Analysis and Modeling
  • OPEX/CAPEX Analysis and Modeling
  • Robust Network Planning
  • Addressing Schemes [Port Number, IP Address and also MAC Address]
  • Models of CDMA, TDMA and also FDMA

      Today, 5G network is the emerging area from current researches in behalf of low latency and also end-to-end transport. It categorized by following features includes:

Wireless Radio Front End
  • Massive MIMO
  • BeamSteering
  • Millimeter Wave (mmWave)
  • Centimeter Wave (cmWave)
  • GFDM
  • UFMC
  • Spectrum Sharing
  • Spectrum Efficiency
  • Wi-Fi and Cellular Network Interworking
  • Backhaul and also Access Link Inegration
  • NFV
  • SON
  • SDN
  • Fiber Extension
  • Inter-Node Coordination
  • D2D Communication
  • Information Centric Networking
  • Context Aware Networking
Interesting ideas for Mobile Networking Projects:
  • Data Management also on Mobile Networking
  • Green Mobile Communication
  • Peer to Peer Communication also in Mobile Networks
  • Mobile-Social Networks
  • Mobile Network Modeling and also Evaluation
  • Mobile-Edge Computing
  • Security and Privacy also in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Mobile Satellite Communication
  • Traffic Analysis, Network Management and also Monitoring
  • Protection for Mobile App
  • Dynamic Visualization
  • Mobile Vehicular Cloud Computing
  • Design and also Classify in-network Function
  • Cryptography Used also in Mobile Networks
  • Manage Environment also for Mobile Systems
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Cloud
  • OS and Middleware Support also for Mobile Networking
  • Mobile Systems Applications also for Transportation Routing and Control
  • Mobile-Systems for Transformation Logistics
  • Mobile Crowd Sensing
  • Modeling for Track and also Locate Mobile Users
  • Mobile Systems also for Multi-model Transportation
Research Issues in Mobile Networking:
  • Synchronization Issues
  • Mobile Botnets
  • Location Privacy
  • Mobile Anonymity and also Privacy
  • Scheduling Issues
  • Intrusion and Malware Detection
  • Security and Privacy also for Wearable Devices
  • Biometric User Authentication
Mobile Network Integration Services for Improve Network Quality:
  • HetNet Integration
  • Antenna Convergence
  • Service Experience Oriented Planning & also Optimization
  • Accurate Planning
  • Re-farming
  • LTE/VoLTE Integration
  • Brand Ranking Improvement Optimization and also Planning
  • GU Network New-Build/Swap/Expansion
Advanced Research Ideas for Mobile Networking Projects:
  • Mobile Cloud Service Based Vehicle Networking Data-Upload Strategy
  • Edge Catching with Predication of Mobility also in LTE mobile networks
  • Survey Anticipatory Mobile Networking
  • Roaming Support for SDN also in Mobile Networks
  • Radio Ware TCP Optimization
  • Research Consumption and QoS also in Mobile Crowd Sensing
  • Improve Resource Aware for Mobile Mesh Social Networking
  • QoE Based Mobile Edge Service Management
  • Security Aware Data Transmission also in Mobile Heterogeneous Cloud
  • SDN Based Network Visualization also in Mobile
  • Ultra Short Latency to 5G Application also in Mobile Networks
  • Mobile Fixed Integration also for Next Generation Networks
  • Analyze Denial of Service also on Mobile Networks
  • Mobile Edge Communication Offloading
  • Evaluate Video Streaming Performance also in Mobile Networks
  • LBS Data Sharing Over Wi-Fi Hybrid Mobile Networks
  • Robust Collaborative Spectrum Sensing also in Mobile CRN
  • Ego Network Detection also Based on Cognitive for Mobile Social Networking
Major Protocols for Mobile Networking Projects:
  • Privacy Preserving Multi Hop Profile-Matching Protocol
  • Packet Data Convergence Protocol
  • Cost Efficient Traffic Aware Data Collection Protocol
  • Self-Configuring Selective Single-Path Routing Protocol
  • Predicted Position also Based Routing Protocol
  • Buffer Aware Routing Protocol
  • EMV Compliant Payment Protocol
  • Congestion Control Multipath Routing Protocol
  • Quality of Service Aware also Routing Protocol
  • RBL Based Routing Protocol
  • Safety Message Dissemination MAC Protocol
  • Extensible Time Synchronization Protocol
  • Queue Based Single-Path Load Balancing Routing Protocol
  • Automated Security Provisioning Protocol
  • Fast Mobility Management Protocol
  • Priority also Based Energy Efficient MAC Protocol
  • Distributed Geographic Multicast Routing Protocol
  • Road Aware Geographical Routing Protocol
  • Priority Based Distributed Call Admission Protocol
  • On-Demand Link Failure Local Recovery Multicast Routing Protocol

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