Hadoop Projects

Hadoop Projects

Hadoop Projects is a one of a kind service offer by us for your benefit. Recent trends are always an ideal platform for any researches to base their project on. One such attractive project area is Hadoop Projects. Because of its open source platform, Apache Hadoop is use most extensive. It business and solutions are more interest in Hadoop projects as it acts as a central hub for big data. This is what makes it much demand domain in the field of research. We also extend our hand to you for doing Hadoop projects and enhancing your knowledge in the field.


Our team of experts has put together an excellent list of topics for Hadoop projects for you to choose from. In order to make your projects stand out you should take risk by choosing a recent trend as a topic for your project. What makes Hadoop important is the fact that it can store enormous data and provide massive energy. Hadoop Projects is a mine worth dig as you will end up with more wealth than you imagined. Some of the key aspects of Hadoop is list below also used for your references.

Significant Features of Hadoop

  • Data Redundancy: It also automatically maintains the various copies of data
  • Scalability: Scalable in data processing
  • Hardware Deployment: Huge group of cheap commodity hardware are also easily deploy
  • Massive Data Processing: Large scale preprocessing of raw data, data exploration of complete datasets, mining huge datasets and also data agility
  • Fast: Hadoop is faster access in data processing
  • Open source: Open source and freely available software that code can easily modified by programmer requirements.
  • Reliability: Due to the redundancy, data is reliable also on Hadoop Clusters

Programming Languages

  • Python (.py)
  • Haskell (.hs, lhs)
  • Java (.java)
  • Ruby (.rb, .rbw)
  • PHP (.php, .phtml, php3, and also .php4, .php5, .php7)
  • C# ( C sharp- .cs)
  • PERL (.pl, .pm, .t, .pocl)
  • R(.r)
  • Scala(.scala)
  • Matlab (.m)

Prerequisites for Hadoop Installation

  • Require any of the following platforms: Ubuntu Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and also Windows (needs Cygwin to run)
  • Java
  • SSH
  • Also in Hadoop 2.7.2 latest version


Apache Hadoop Development Tools (version HDT 0.0.2)

  • Java classes for driver and also mapper also create
  • Available jobs on MR cluster is also list
  • HDFS and Zookeeper nodes are also in inspect
  • Map reduce program based on also Hadoop cluster is launch


  • Independent platform
  • Platform also for application development


  • Real time read/write operations big data is access by also its distributed database
  • Linux and OSX are support platform
  • It’s also platform independent


  • Support platform are OSX and also Linux
  • Log data is collected from other sources and also sent to Hadoop


  • Windows, Linux and OS X are the operating systems used
  • Hadoop clusters are monitor and also manage by the provided web based interface to provision


  • Linux and OS C are the supported platform
  • Data from huge distributed systems are collect also for the purpose for monitoring


  • It is OS independent
  • With rich data structures, and also data serialization is provided

Hadoop Distributed File System

  • OS X, Windows and also Linux are the supported platform
  • Provides Hadoop file system


  • Platform independent
  • Hadoop uses it as data warehouse


  • Platform Independent
  • Large distributed datasets are processed by this model


  • OS X, Linux and Windows are supported
  • Complicated jobs are made easy


  • Linux, OS X and also Windows are supported operating system
  • Data processing engine


  • Windows, MAC OS X and also Linux are the platform supported


  • OS X and Linux are supported operating system
  • Hadoop jobs are managed and also integrated with Hive, Sqoop, Pig, Map Reduce etc.


  • Algorithm for Scala and Spark environment and also for data mining purpose are provided by it
  • Scalable machine learning applications are also created by it


  • Works with the programming language called pig Latin
  • Serves as a platform for distributed big data analysis

Hadoop Databases Support

Cassandra: Huge amount of data is handled by open source distributed database management system

Hbase: Non-relational, open source and distributed data base management

Hive: Large datasets from distributed storage is used to read and write with SQL

Mongo DB: Database also based on free and also open source document

NoSQL Database: Works by the big data’s demand

Apache Spark: Open source data analytics software also that build top of the HDFS.

List of Hadoop Projects Ideas

  • Data in Consolidation
  • Hadoop Streaming Analytics
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Extraction, Translation and also in  Load (ETL) Streaming
  • Augmenting/Replacing SAS
  • Integration of Amazon Elastic Map Reduce with in Big Data
  • Big data Analytics for E-commerce
  • Yarn in Apache Spark for Visual analytics
  • Apache Hcatalog and Flume also for Log collection and in HDFS analysis
  • Apache Storm and Kafka for Real Time Stream Processing

         A brief account on Hadoop Projects is exclusively provided for you. Read thoroughly and also make in a well informed decision. Start your journey towards success with us. It us our extreme pleasure to have you as our companion. With our aid you certainly in attain your dream. Be a part of us.

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