Network Simulator Thesis Topics

Network Simulator Thesis Topics

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Simulator Thesis Topics

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Basic Details of Network Simulators
  • It is used primarily also for networking research
  • Profile based automated attack generation
  • With NAM it supports customizable GUI
  • Mysqltc interface along also with MySQL Provides database connectivity.
  • For networking research it uses discrete event simulator
  • Due to its traffic analysis and also detection algorithm it is ideal for security purpose.
  • Routing protocols are simulate by it.

Supported Platforms and Programming Languages

  • C++ and OTCL are also the supported programming languages.
  • Windows Cygwin, Free BSP, Linux, UNIX and also sun OS / Solaris are the platforms support.
Aided Plugins and Development Tools:
MIH Nist:
  • Various heterogeneous and also interoperable wireless network scenarios are develop and deploy by API.
  • NIST technology implemented media Independent Handovers
  • Helps to see real world packet traces and also simulation traces
  • Packet level animation, multiple inspection tools and also topology layout is supported.
  • Animation tool also based on TK and TCL
  • Helps enhancing also the network performance
  • Voice over IP is simulated
  • Interactive buttons also for selecting planning and zooming the display options.
  • Data plotting.

Important Protocols and Methods Used

  • Internet control message protocol
  • Multicast extension to OSPE
  • Logical link control protocol
  • Fisheye state also routing protocol
  • Neighbour also in discovery protocol
  • Intrazone routing protocol
  • RAD multimedia congestion control protocol
  • Hot standby router protocol
  • H225 and H323 protocols
  • TERC multimedia congestion control protocol
  • MACA protocol
  • Generic MAC protocol
  • Landmark Ad hoc routing protocol
  • Location aided routing protocol
  • IPV6 and IPV4
  • Logical link control protocol
  • MACA protocol
  • Multicast source discovery protocol

        These are some of the protocols used in network simulator thesis and here are the some of the techniques listed for your reference.

Enhancement Technique Used in it

  • Varying DIFS
  • Transcoding
  • Hybrid ARQ / FEC
  • Distributed fair Scheduling
  • Black burst
  • Real time entry limit adaption
  • Maximum frame length
  • Scalable video coding
  • QOS routing and congestion control
  • Admission Control
  • Priority Queuing
  • Application layer error control
  • Error correction
  • TCP ACK prioritization.

Applied Framework and interfaces:

Frameworks used in NS2:
  • Mannasim Framework
Real CloudSim interface with NS2:
  • To Read network topologies it provides graphical interface
  • Virtual machines in cloud environment is also allocated with its help
  • Realistic simulation of VANET is generated
  • It is also an integration of SUMO and NS2
Interface with Green Cloud:
  • Network allocation, resource allocation and also monitoring problems are solved and provide energy efficient resource utilization.
  • NS2 Extension
Evalvid Interface:
  • Evaluates MPEG video transmission by using NS2 Simulator
  • Also evaluates the video quality transmitted by simulated communication network.

Currently on Demand Network Simulator Thesis Topics

  • Secure communication also in wireless communication
  • Topology management also in dynamic networks (VANET, MANET)
  • Attack aware Software Defined Networks
  • Massive MIMO also with Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Real-time video streaming also for high speed moving vehicles
  • Energy efficient data aggregation and also data dissemination in WSN
  • Advanced IEEE 802.15.6 standard also based WBAN model
  • Localization in social networks also for effective communication
  • WBAN-Prioritizing data with respect also to user criticality
  • Minimization of energy consumption also in WSN for enhancing network lifetime
  • Handover in MANET also to enhance packet delivery ratio
  • RPL protocol design also to fight against harmful attacks

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