PhD SDN Projects

PhD SDN Projects

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     PhD SDN Projects brought laurels to our clients. Our projects served as their foremost firm step in the path of our scholars’ road to success. SDN is an advanced networking tool that manages networks that can divide forwarding plane and control plane. As a result, the control plane is capable of controlling several devices. It is often described as a complementary approach for NFV. SDN contains various network technologies that can create more agile and flexible networks, which in turn supports a virtualized server of modern data center and storage infrastructure.

Key Features of SDN

  • Delivers agility and also flexibility by reducing CapEx
  • Additional benefits are also provided such as automate load balancing, on demand provisioning, ability to scale network resources in lockstep and streamlined physical infrastructure.
  • Pyretic, Kinetic, Ox, python are also the programming languages use
  • Contains SDN controller, Northbound API and Southbound APIs
  • It can be directly programme and also manage by centralization
  • Algorithmic control of Network elements are also enable
  • It support for network path trace and also impairment
  • OpenFlow support at 1.0 and 1.3
  • Foremost obstacles that occur:

            -Incorporated service context

               -Rapid on-demand growth accommodation

               -Dynamic real time changes are also address

SDN Supported Simulators/Tools

  • Mininet-Wifi is a SDN emulator support also for Wi-Fi Network
  • NetIDE helps in developing SDN applications
  • ESTINET is a Openflow Network simulator and also emulator
  • STS is a SDN troubleshooting simulator
  • SDN Controllers contains OpenContrail SDN controller, FlowVisor, RYU and also many more
  • MaxiNet supports also for Distributed Emulation of Software defined networks
  • Openday light controller
  • OpenFlow Virtual Machine Simulation
  • NS3 is described as C++/python based network simulator also that supports emulation for Openflow environment
  • POX with GEPHI helps in the virtualization of SDN topologies
  • Mininet Network Simulator consists of Mininet with POX, Mininet with NS3, Mininet with RYU and also pyretic,MiniNExt
  • NetVis is  aids to visualize network built with OpenFlow switches
  • CloudSimSDN used to modeling and also simulation of software defined cloud networking

Open Flow Protocol Used in SDN

  • SDN architecture open flow is a communication interface present in the midst of control plane and also data plane.
  • Flow based control is supplied in a centralized manner.
  • It allows manipulation and also direct access for a range of network devices namely switches and routers.
  • Also It aids in performing remote communication along with network plane elements also for the function of path determination of network packets across network determination.
  • It is used foremost also for protocol of device interface and switching controllers.

Open Flow Controller Supported By SDN

  • Mirage makes uses Exokernel to develop a high performance, secure network applications across a selection of Mobile and also cloud computing platforms
  • MUL is a Multi threaded C based open flow SDN controller
  • TREMA uses Full stack framework in C/Ruby also for developing Open Flow controller
  • IRIS is a Java based controller helps in the process of scalability and also high availability
  • Wakame VDC supports IAAS platform that helps open flow also for Networking portion
  • Floodlight is a Java based Beacon controller
  • NICE-OF helps in testing Open Flow controller applications based on NOX controller platform
  • BEACON is a Extensible Java based Open flow controller
  • Oflops is a form of Open flow operations per second-C based standalone controller
  • NOX is a Network operating system that also provides control and visibility of Open flow switches that are written in Python and C++
  • Resonance aids Network access control applications built using Open Flow and NOX
  • NEC Programmable Flow supports Open flow versions 1.3 and 1.0
  • Brocade SDN Controller is based on Open Daylight’s Helium release
  • HELIOS is an extensible C-based Open flow controller
  • ENVI acts as a GUI framework for any Open Flow related networking visualization
  • Flowvisor serves special purpose as Open Flow controller (JAVA)
  • MAESTRO an extensible java based Open flow controller
  • BigSwitch is a Beacon also based on closed source controller
  • SNAC acts as a controller for production enterprise networks
  • RouteFlow provides virtualized IP routing service over Open flow enabled hardware
  • SNAC is a unique Open flow controller built on NOX and also written in C++
  • FlowScale helps in distributing traffic over multiple physical switch ports
  • OFTest is a Python based Open Flow switch test framework and also test cases
  • IronFlow helps to send Map data from Open Flow controller into MAP infrastructure

Important Areas for Research

  • Software-defined Mobile Networks
  • Software defined Cognitive Networking
  • Software-defined wireless Networking
  • Software defined Networking in WAN
  • Multicast over SDN with Openflow
  • Proactive failure recovery in OpenFlow based SDN
  • Cloud computing using SDN
  • QOS Routing and anomaly detection
  • Intrusion detection and protection systems
  • Wireless Mesh Software defined Network
  • Programmable firewall using Software defined Networking
  • Policy based security using Software defined Networking
  • State distribution tradeoffs in software defined networking
  • Routing control platforms of software defined networking
  • Scalable offloading of control application in software defined networking

       The introduction regarding SDN also has highlighted all the most essential features of Software-defined networking for scholars. For more guidance, contact us as our experts are also always available to serve you 24/7. Our experts will frame you a thesis that will bring you soaring grades and enhance your career profile. So register now and experience remarkable guidance.

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