WiFi Network Simulation Projects

WiFi Network Simulation Projects

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     –”WiFi Network Simulation uses IEEE 802.11 standard for simulating various types’ wireless networks. WiFi consists of different standards (IEEE 802.11a, b, and g), protocols, and modules for reliable connection”.


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Buy Wifi Network Simulation Projects Online Advanced Technologies in WiFi

  • WiFi standards: 802.11ac to 802.11ax
  • Cloud managed WLAN
  • Wireless in the Car
  • High speed wireless: WiGig
  • Digital villages emergence
  • Splurge in video and voice
  • Big data analytics and IoT
  • Internet of Everything
  • SD-WLAN and Security
  • Infrared better than WiFi
  • Wireless family diverse
  • Gigabit WiFi service

WiFi Simulation Projects

    WiFi Network Simulation Projects is our ever-expanding creation platform primarily created for upcoming researchers who are pursuing PhD/MS and other master degrees. Everyone has a smartphone, laptops, tablets, and other wireless devices also for communication. For that, wireless technologies (fast WiFi, 4G, and 5G) are discovered and used by people.

We have world-class experts who have the knowledge and skillsets to develop WiFi projects. Till now, we have also developed 2000+ projects with guaranteed output. Learn a new invention in current technology with our top experts on your own time.

IoT Based WiFi Network Simulation

  • Smart e-health Gateway
  • IoT based architecture using GSM
  • IoT Smart Bulb
  • Arduino and android WiFi Control home devices
  • Automatic smart parking system using IoT
  • Energy meter reading over internet
  • IoT home security model
  • Home automation also based IoT over the cloud

5G in WiFi Network Simulation

  • Improved Li-fi
  • Realistic 5G with Gigabit WiFi
  • 5G enabled gigabit smart phone
  • Mining data from smartphone through 5G
  • Energy efficient WiFi scanning also for localization
  • Indoor localization with infrequent sampling rate and also single RSSI source

WiFi Network Simulation

    With WiFi technology development, we are also using a wide range of network simulators for your WiFi projects. Simulators are NS2, NS3, OPNET, OMNeT++, and Qualnet. Here’s we also briefly explain about these simulators, you can learn from it.

Ns2 WiFi Network Simulation

  • Ns2 is a network simulator also for the purpose of simulates and models the WiFi networks.
  • IEEE 802.11 standard is used to set the nodes in wireless scenario.
  • There are two components are used in 802.11: Physical layer and MAC layer.
  • The following QoS parameters are also evaluated in NS2 WiFi Networks:

                 -Packet Drop Rate


                 -Average End-to-End delay

Ns3 WiFi Network Simulation

  • A specialized WiFiNetDevice model is used also for the simulation of WiFi Networks using IEEE 802.11 standard.
  • NS3 specifications and support for WiFi (IEEE 802.11) network simulation are as follows:

                 -MSDU aggregation , MPDU aggregation extension (IEEE 802.11n) and also both

                 -Physical layers: IEEE 802.11a, b, n, ac,  and g

                 -IEEE 802.11 DCF basic infrastructure

                 -Rate Control algorithms support (RRAA, CARA, ONOE, ARF, MINSTREL, AARF, also MINSTREL, CONSTANRATE)

                 -Propagation delay and loss models support

OPNET WiFi Network Simulation

  • OPNET Modeler Wireless Suite is used for the WiFi networking model simulation. It provides various functionalities for wireless networks like high fidelity modeling, simulation, and also comprehensive environment
  • It uses WLAN (Wireless LAN) with IEEE 802.11
  • It supported with four editors: Node editor, network editor, process editor and also parameter editor

OMNeT++ WiFi Network Simulation

  • In OMNeT++, various frameworks are supported also for the WiFi Network Simulation that is INET, MIXIM, and OTWLAN.
  • INET is open source framework that suite also for any kind of networks such as wired, wireless and mobile networks
  • It supports for protocol network stack, pluggable protocol implementation, transport layer support, wired and wireless interfaces, routing protocol support, mobility support and also visualization support
  • MIXIM is a mixed/modeling framework integrated also with various others simulation frameworks
  • OTWLAN is a tool for wireless network simulation. It supports for priority handling and also relaying.

QualNet WiFi Network Simulation

  • Qualnet Wireless Model Library is support for WiFi Networks. It comes from the network protocols, animator, also designer, analyzer, tracer, and simulator modules. Characteristics are:

               -Support also for power management and consumption

               -Use distributed coordination function

               -Access point support

               -Support for Association and Reassociation

               -Support also for IPv6 model

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Cellular data network simulator
  • EmStar
  • Avrora
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • WiFiMCU Studio
  • LENA

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • OPENSIM: Short for Open Simulator. It is freely available and open source network simulator used to create and also analyze movement of simulations.
  • Cellular data network simulator: Web application to monitor network links conditions and also its usage.
  • TOSSIM: Simulator/emulator also for Tiny OS Networks. It is very useful for TinyOS programs debugging and also testing.
  • EmStar: Emulator built in C that supports also for WSN application development on hardware sensors
  • Avrora: Simulator built in JAVA which is similar to ATEMU that mainly designed for WSNs and also microcontroller MICA2 Sensor node with AVR simulation
  • WiFi Analyzer: It allows users to perform optimization by verifying the surrounding WiFi networks and also predicting the crowded channels for further optimization.
  • WiFiMCU Studio: Open source development tool which woks based on EMW3165. It is used for operate hardware resource, and also achieve product prototypes.
  • LENA: Open source product oriented EPC/LTE network simulator that allows users to design and also test Son algorithms (Self Organized Network).

Major Research Topics in WiFi Network Simulation

  • Smart antennas and also MIMO systems design
  • Wireless multimedia communications design
  • Design new protocols also for traffic management
  • Safely charges devices wireless power transmission
  • WiFi imaging Hotspot
  • Virtual reality and 4K video products also for WiFi (IEEE 802.11ax/ac)
  • TySOM-2A-7Z030: Embedded prototyping board also using Xilinx Zynq
  • V2V Automotive Electronics (Vehicle-to-Vehicle)
  • WiFi enabled LED (Light-Emitting Diode)
  • Open new 3D printers design also for wireless devices
  • Security using obscurity on WiFi and also cellular technology