5G Network Simulation Projects

5G Network Simulation Projects

             5G Network Simulation Projects is our prime service started with the aim of provides a higher service quality for students.Network Simulation Projects is our exceptional service started to provide higher service quality for students. Our organization has ISO 9001.2000 certification with 100+ world-class professionals where we offer tailor-made innovative and novel solutions for all your needs. 5G networks are one of the latest research areas search by various country researchers.

It is a wireless technology based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard. Our research experts are working on various important aspects of 5G networking, including simulation tools, research areas, and recent technologies. Our experience and expertise are vast, and our 5G network projects are scalable and quality with the best of your research. For your every accomplishment, we stay with you. Why you still wait? Approach us for any specifications from any parts of the world. We definitely fulfill all your needs with completed assistance.

Best 5G Network Simulation Projects Online

Advanced Technologies in 5G Networks

  • Massive MIMO techniques
  • Centimeter and millimeter wave
  • Contextual awareness
  • Intelligent data mining
  • Ensuring end-to-end performance
  • Battery life
  • Research on air interface or a new waveform
  • Multi-radio access technologies

5G Simulation Projects

       5G Network Simulation Projects is our reintroduced service to provide the new aspects in 5G networks. Due to our vast experience, we have successfully accomplished more than thousands of Simulation Projects with world number one standard.

As we come across many research ideas, technologies and concepts, we know our knowledge. To complete your research, you need some external guidance. For your innovative projects and research guidance, just click one mail or contact through mobile phones. We get back to you in few seconds………

Now, let’s have a glance over the major simulators in 5G,

NS2 Network Simulator

Due to its open nature and ease to use, it can be used in 5G networks. Our world-class experts have created their way of 5G network infrastructure in NS2.  We are ready to provide any kind of support for NS2 based 5G network emulator projects

NS3 Network Simulator

  • In NS3, 5GmmWave module is used for 5G network simulation. It is completely written in C++ and also python binding is used
  • 5GmmWave module is a software library enabling for 5G cellular networks simulation
  • The aim of this module is to model the physical layers, MAC layers and customizable channel for mmWave systems
  • mmWave model supports for TDD and OFDM and it also supports uplink and downlink MAC scheduling
  • Procedure to interface mmWave module with NS3 are as follows:
  • Copy mmWave in the LTE folder and put into ns3àSrc
  • Open the terminal and go to ns-allinone -3.2x/ns-3.2x
  • Type “sudo ./waf configure”
  • To build the module “sudo ./waf build”

OMNET++ Network Simulator

  • Open source network simulation framework with support GUI
  • mmWave module and SimuLTE works in INET environment for 5G networks.
  • There are two ways for implementing 5G networks:
  • INET framework with IEEE 802.15.3c +SimuLTE
  • MIXIM framework with IEEE 802.11.3ad +SimuLTE
  • Simulation steps for OMNet++ 5G network simulation:
  • Download and extract SimuLTE and mmWave tarball
  • Change INET directory into 5G directory
  • Next type Make makefiles to generate make files
  • To build the SimuLTE executable and type “make”
  • Execute the simulation using ./run

OPNET Network Simulator

  • OPNET simulator is a network simulation tool that used to analyze the performance of networks(any types of networks)
  • 5G networks are simulated using LTE-A model with IEEE 802.15c standard.
  • OPNET 18.0 and above version is supports for 5G networks simulation
Matlab Simulink
  • Matlab itself consists of enormous toolboxes such as LTE system toolbox, antenna toolbox, communication system toolbox, phased array system toolbox and SimRF
  • It offers dynamic unified environment test, and develop 5G network infrastructure
  • It support for new algorithm deployment and rapid prototyping using FPGA hardware support and SDR platform

Development Tools and Software’s

  • 5G mmWave
  • C-RAN simulator
  • S-5GChannel
  • OpenAirInterfaceTM
  • PyLayers

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

5G mmWave: NS3 module for the simulation research and education.

C-RAN simulator: Simulation tools for evaluating 5G cloud based networks system.

S-5GChannel: 5G channel simulation platform which is developed for the next generation of mobile networks and innovative technologies.

OpenAirInterfaceTM: 5G Software sponsored by EURECOM partners which is mainly for the development of 5G cellular stack on commercial off-the shelf hardware.

MATLAB: R2017a is a recent version in Matlab. Matlab consist LTE system toolbox that is used in 5G wireless technology

NYUSIM: Open source 5G channel model simulator software to generates realistic spatial and temporal wideband channel impulse response

PyLayers: Open source site specific radio channel simulator used for mobile propagation, wearable communications, 5G MIMO channel and heterogeneous networks.

Advanced Research Areas in 5G Networks

  • Channel modeling also in 5G networks
  • Cognitive radio also in 5G networks
  • Device to Device Communication
  • 5G networks performance analysis
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Big data also in 5G networks
  • Internet of Things also in 5G networks
  • 5G Ultra Dense Networks
  • NFV in 5G networks
  • Fronthaul/backhaul also in 5G networks
  • CRAN/Cloud also based 5G networks
  • Game theory also in 5G networks
  • Resource allocation also in 5G networks
  • Energy harvesting also in 5G networks
  • SON (Self Organizing Networks) also in 5G
  • Non-orthogonal multiple access techniques
  • Small cells also in 5G networks
  • 5G Heterogeneous Networks
  • Massive MIMO also in 5G networks
  • Big data in 5G networks
  • 5G Radio Resource management
  • Unlicensed Spectrum (U-LTE) also in 5G
  • Full duplex techniques also in 5G
  • Network slicing in 5G
  • MmWave Techniques also in 5G networks
  • Integration of big data and also SON
  • Privacy protection also  based on HetNets
  • Handover authentication also based on SDN

Current Research Topics in 5G Networks

  • 4G and 5G wireless technologies integration also in IoT communications
  • Machine learning approaches based IoT Context also for Mission-Critical Scenarios
  • Data analytics and big data solutions also for mission critical IoT systems
  • Mission Critical IoT communication protocols improvement and also comparison
  • Artificial Intelligence and game-theoretic mechanisms also for IoT resource allocation and management
  • Cognitive technologies integration also with mission critical IoT systems
  • Large mission critical IoT systems also using energy efficient communications policies
  • 5G with NFV/SDN also in network slicing
  • Scheduling, power control, joint user association also in multi-cell 5G networks
  • Interference cancellation in 5G networks also using random access scheme
  • Distributed MAC scheduling for C-RAN also with Non-ideal fronthaul
  • Single and multi-carrier DSSS multipath MIMO transmissions also for future networks
  • Clock synchronization and joint device positioning also in 5G ultra dense networks
  • Energy efficient hybrid satellite terrestrial also in 5G Networks