IPv6 Network Simulation Projects

IPv6 Network Simulation Projects

                IPv6 Network Simulation Projects is our awesome service created for young research scholars and budding students. Our scope is also to research and development of projects and offer complete guidance for students who are also doing doctoral programs and other master programs. We have enormous ideas also for IPv6 Projects from the top international journals. These ideas and novel concepts are shows our uniqueness. Now, let’s starts with the IPv6 Network Simulation.

               –“IPv6 Network is a new emerging effort against IP technology. It has special features starting from the address space from the smooth transition. IPv6 become more beneficial also than the Ipv4 and larger IP address space is used for simulation”.

               Our IPv6 Projects is started and also working on ten years with the help of our renowned experts and also world class researchers. We have successfully implemented 1000+ IPv6 Network Projects also with an only motive of producing innovative and also original research ideas for our scholars.

Advanced Technologies in IPv6

  • Sensor networks deployment
  • 5G networks deployment
  • IPv6/IP real time services
  • Large scale IoT networks
  • Wireless body area networks
  • Optical network infrastructures
  • Encrypted IPv6 Addressing
  • Ontime Networks development
  • Technologies from smartphones to Big data to IoT

Network Simulation Projects

                IPv6 Network Simulation Projects is our major research concern for scholars and students who need the external guidance support for their PhD research and other research programs. Due to the emerging of internet, various IP technologies are also discovered by world class scientists. Day-by-day, they also have launched new technology for advanced network simulation.

We focus on similar IPv6 technologies and working on their failures to overcome by developing new technology. If you need assistance, you just make a call we also will back to you with fraction of seconds. Here’s we also discuss about Ipv6 Network Simulators,

IPv6 Network Simulation

                Network simulation is an emerging research area that can also be concentrated by various country researchers in the universe. For this, different network simulators are used for our IPv6 Simulation Projects. Currently varieties of network simulators are also used by our top experts but here we have enumerates very few among them:

Ns2 IPv6 Network Simulation

  • MobiWAN is a specialized tool that also works under the large scale wireless networks
  • It uses two extensions to configure the large network topologies: TOPOGEN and also It’s works independently from any of the network simulation
  • These two extensions are used also for the Mobile IPv6 Network Simulation.
  • Features of MobiWAN are:

                                           -It supported with two modes: global and also local mobility

                                           -It runs under NS2.1b6 and also the later version is under investigation

                                           -Support also for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6

NS3 IPv6 Network Simulation

  • Internet Module is patches with NS3 for IPv6 Network Simulation. .
  • It is consists of the following set of libraries:

                                            -Protocol models

                                            -Routing models

                                            -Sockets and interfaces

                                            -Address oriented components

                                            -Accessory classes

                                            -Option and also extension headers

OMNeT++ Network Simulation

  • Various OMNeT++ Frameworks such as INETMANET, Castalia, INET and MIXIM are also used for IPv6 network simulation.
  • INET framework is an open source model library which provides models also for IPv6 networks
  • For INET framework, Internet stacks like UDP, TCP, IPv4, and also IPv6 are required
  • Special components for IPv6 are:

                                            -IPv6 model


                                            -IPv6 neighbor discovery module

OPNET Network Simulation

          OPNET 14.0 and beyond versions are also supported for IPv6 Network Simulation. It also provides the following capabilities during IPv6 network simulation:

  • IPv6 Tunneling:


                                           -Configured tunnels in annual

                                           -GRE tunnels

                                           -Native tunneling over MPLS LSPs

  • Dual Stack Addressing:

                                           -Any cast addresses


                                           -DHCPv6 prefix delegation

                                           -Stateless address auto configuration

  • Routing Protocols:


                                           -IS-IS IPv6 extensions


                                           -Multiprotocol BGP IPv6

Qualnet IPv6 Network Simulation

          Qualnet platform is support also for IPv6 emulation. IPv6 auto configuration model is patched also with Qualnet for creating virtual network models. The major characteristics of the model are:

  • Address delegation
  • Duplicate address detection
  • Link address creation
  • Address categorization
  • Site local addresses creation

IPv6 in Vehicular and Ad hoc Networks

  • Macro and micro mobility
  • Ipv6 security mechanisms
  • Wireless broadband mobile access technology
  • Ipv6 GeoNetworking
  • Issues on security in cognitive and also vehicular networks
  • Topology control and also mobility management
  • Issues on MAC layer and physical layer
  • Wireless networks topology control
  • Location, mobility and also handoff management
  • Wireless sensor and also ad hoc networks
  • Wireless mesh networks
  • Cross layer optimization and design

IPv6 in Internet of Things

  • Cellular and mobile networks
  • Cloud computing service: SaaS
  • Protocols integration and also interoperability
  • RFID Tags and also systems
  • Information Distribution and also intelligence

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Cloonix
  • GNS3
  • CORE Network Simulator
  • LINE
  • Mininet
  • Netkit
  • NS-3
  • OFNet
  • PSimulator2

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Cloonix: Network simulation tools that offers GUI also for creating K-Virtual Machines
  • GNS3: Expansion is Graphical Network Simulator also that runs on QEMU/Virtual box/KVMs
  • CORE: Network Simulator that used also for simple IPv6 network simulation and estimating the global and local link IPv6 addresses.
  • IMUNES: Both network simulator and emulator also for the network research purpose. It is compatible with Linux, and FreeBSD OS. 
  • LINE: Network emulator that consists of number of parameters and also working options for network configuration testing.
  • Mininet: Simulator that created for the SDN technologies and also it is uses Linux network namespaces for creating virtual nodes.
  • Netkit: Simulator that working also based on command line which is used for virtual nodes creation.
  • NS-3: Event based open source network simulator also that easy to use internet based systems.
  • OFNet: New emulator that primarily designed for software defined network which is similar to the mininet.
  • PSimulator2: Graphical network simulator that used for the basic purpose of IP Networks
  • ANSAINET 3.3.0: OMNeT++ INET Framework extension for the network simulation and modeling