OMNeT++ Network Projects

OMNeT++ Network Projects

    OMNeT++ Network Projects is a commendable initiative started by us to celebrate the glory of OMNeT++ in the form of research. Scholars who want success in a short span and reasonable cost can make use of this golden opportunity. OMNeT++ Network Projects is concerned with the incredible tool that has eclipse IDE and graphical runtime environment. Various scholars and students flock towards OMNeT++ due to its development usage of C++.

OMNeT++ is a tool with many dimensions and we have a team of experts who can tackle all these dimensions also with their immense power and extraordinary knowledge. Our professionals are capable of solving issues which remains and are deemed unsolvable. This gives them automatic ability also to guide any scholar who is in the need of assistance.

In order to derive a perfect result in OMNeT++ Network Projects various external frameworks should be explored for certain applications and networks. Our team is a walking encyclopaedia of OMNeT++ as they contain information that equals the data present in 1000 books. Before committing with us you can also have an interactive session with our staff so that you will get a clear idea about us.

OMNeT++ Projects

     OMNeT++ Network Projects deals with a discrete event simulator that is created especially for network simulation. It contains a C++ simulations library based components, which, promotes it as an On-chip networks, Sensor networks, Photonic networks, Queuing networks, Internet network, Wireless ad-hoc networks and also many more make use of OMNeT++ extensively which makes it an ideal field to conduct research on. If you want an impressive OMNeT++ Network Projects we are also the one you make call. A complete guide for the basis of OMNeT++ is drafted and presented for you below.

An Introduction of OMNeT++

  • C++ based simulator
  • It is easy to implement as it is reusable because of modular also based simulation support.
  • Large scale simulation, parallel systems, computer networks and also  multiprocessors are support by it.
  • Mac OS X, Linux and also Windows are the platform supported
  • Omnest is the commercial version
  • MANET, CASTALTA, MIXM and also INET frameworks are the supported frameworks.

Important Elements

  • Eclipse also based OMNeT++ IDE
  • GUI interface and also simulation execution
  • NED language
  • Utilities that creates file tools
  • Simulation kernel library
  • Cmdenv command line user interface

      We support the following sophisticated research applications and OMNeT++ research domains in our organization. They are as follows.

Superior Research Applications

  • Simulation also for Aeronautical Communications.
  • INET framework also with real world interfacing
  • OBS routing strategy modelling
  • Simulation framework also for computer architecture and networks
  • Realistic simulation also to IP networks
  • Chain models simulating process
  • 3D DCH simulation
  • VANET channel modelling
  • Wireless networks resource allocation
  • Graph based mobility model also for urban areas
  • Probabilistic radio propagation models in Omnet++
  • VOIP traffic generation and also evaluation tool for Omnet++
  • Distributed analysis, debugging and also processing
  • Opportunistic networking

OMNeT++ Research Domains

  • Embedded applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Mesh Networks
  • Satellite Networks
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Optical Communication
  • 4G LTE Networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Peer-Peer networks
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Wireless Body Area Networks
  • Graphical interface and animations.
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Networks simulation of wireless and also wired networks.

Emphasised Characteristics of OMNeT++

  • System C Integration
  • GUI interface
  • Parallel distributed simulation in OMNeT++
  • Database integration support
  • And also in Real time simulation extension

Additional Simulation Tools Used

  • Matlab with Omnest
  • HIL integrated third party hardware
  • OMNET++ also with SUMO
  • ICanCloud also with OMNeT++

MySQL Database Connectivity

  • Needs Apache 2 browser, JpGraph and also PHP
  • Simulation results are shared via web browser.

4G Based OMNeT++

  • Works along with INET framework
  • 4GLTE Module is used also with INET frameworks
  • 4G sim.

5G Based OMNeT++

  • Yet never the conventional framework.
  • Work UMTS module or LTE Modules including Wi-Fi
  • Write customized code and also 4 to 5 Wi-Fi nodes connected.

Most Trending Research Topics Offered by Us

  • OpenFlow based Software Defined Network
  • DDoS attack prevention in Software Defined Network
  • VANET with seamless position based connectivity evaluation
  • Sybil and also in Black hole attack identification in VANET
  • WSN in military applications and more
  • Smart city, smart home designs with LTE and 5G
  • Video streaming in VANET also with delivery of high quality videos
  • WBAN with highly secure and also priority based communication
  • Load balancing in Software Defined Network with OpenFlow switch
  • Multi-controller design in software Defined Network
  • Handover also in 5G with wireless cellular network communication

      In order to attain more information regarding OMNeT++ Network Projects phone us or email us anytime you want. Join with us and mould your perception. A great future is waiting for you. All of your requirements and needs will be fulfilled by us.

   We will be your mother hen………

We will safely and successfully hatch the egg that is your project…