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ContikiOS Projects

      Contiki OS Projects also provide best networks simulation based academic projects in effectual way for you. Contiki is a flexible, highly portable, lightweight and also open cloud operating system for memory efficient networked embedded system and also memory constrained system with focus on low power wireless communication and also Internet of Things.

It specifically targets IOT devices with limited memory, low power, processing power and bandwidth which run on low power microcontroller and created to implement application. Contiki uses COOJA simulator also for networks simulation which support multicasting and integrate Internet protocols. COOJA is extremely useful for contiki development which allows developer to test and also run implemented code on target hardware. We mentioned contiki OS based applications, features and also algorithms in below list.

Foremost Contiki-Based Applications

  • Radiation Monitoring
  • Smart City Sound Monitoring
  • Street Lights
  • Alarm Systems
  • Remote House Monitoring
  • Electronic Power Meters
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram) Monitoring
  • Also in Industrial Monitoring Application.

Major Features of Contiki OS

  • Few Kilobytes of Memory Allocation also for tiny systems
  • Java Native Kernel
  • Event Based and Multitasking Kernel
  • Network Loop and Process Storage Structures
  • Threads & Proto threats
  • Window system and also GUI
  • Preemptive multithreading
  • Dyanmic Module loading and also linking
  • Simple Telnet Client
  • Regression Tests
  • Power awareness- low power system
  • Internet Protocol Suite Networking and also sleepy Router
  • Virtual Network Computing for display Networked remote
  • Full IP networking with standard IP protocols including HTTP, TCP, UDP, and also 6lowpan, CoAP, RPL etc.

Sophisticated Research Topics in Contiki OS Based Project

          Day-by-day, enormous of technologies will be increased rapidly. Due to this reason, most researchers and students are eager to select sophisticated and most complex topics. Recently we develop 1000+ projects in contiki OS for you with our creative and ingenious. We also provided some contiki OS based projects in below list.

  • Ultra Wideband Communications for Industrial IoT Application
  • Mobile based electrocardiogram monitoring system using Wearable Noncontact Armband
  • Super capacitor Power Buffering using Energy Harvesting system
  • Air Quality and hazardous event identification for industry using Smart helmet
  • IoT based Public Key cryptography framework
  • Wireless sensor network position based query and data aggregation using RPL
  • Embedded System Clusters for Advanced Photovoltaic Remote Monitoring System
  • Energy conservation in QoS Routing RPL for low energy and lossy networks

We beforehand entitled few recent contiki OS based project topics for you to get few ideas about Contiki based network simulation projects. We provide full support and assistance from advanced topic selection to final VIVA. You can contact with us at anytime, we always ready to solve your doubt both theoretically or practically through online and offline. In every footstep of your great research we always stay with you.

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