Cloud Computing Research Projects

Cloud Computing Research Projects

         Cloud Computing Research Projects is your ideal destination for achieving monumental academic success. We offer projects that will enhance your carrier profile. Cloud computing is an upcoming field which has prominent relevance in the entire promising field. We offer you all cloud computing resources in pay per use and self-service method which benefits you in resource utilization and also cost effective manner. Cloud computing research topics is a wide spread ever growing field.

In order to do a research in such a vast topic you need complete guidance and we offer for you that guidance. We also offer you amazing surrounding environs which will help you grow as researcher and also as a person. Our professional team is aware of every current happenings in cloud computing and they are more than happy to put their knowledge for your use. We also available online all the time which makes us easily accessible. You will also have an enjoyable yet learning experience by working with us.

Computing Research Projects

      Cloud Computing Research Projects is an influential field with monumental research scopes. It is a trending fields with highly superior features such as service oriented architecture, hardware visualization and automatic utility computing. This research area is like a goldmine fill with golden treasures.

If we dig a little deep we can walk out richer than before. There are many sub domains of cloud computing that are also worth basing your research on. Our experts will guide in choosing your topic based on your interest and area of specialization. So Contact us anytime and also craft our dream project.

Let’s Take a Closer Look At Cloud Computing

  • The reason for researchers have also chosen cloud computing.
  • Big data analytics, overall monitoring and also document control is supported.
  • Amazon AWS, Oracle Eloqua, Appcloud developer framework, Openstack, Apache jclouds, Google cloud platform are also the major frameworks used.
  • Flexibility, environment friendly, capital expenditure free, disaster recovery, security automatic software updates are also the advanced features in it.
  • Cloud 9, Exo cloud IDE, Orion, Python fiddle, Eclipse che, Code anywhere, Orion and source kit are the tools and also software’s used.
  • It is flexible to work from anywhere and also increase collaboration.
  • Icancolud, cloudsim and Green cloud sim are also the common simulators used.

Supported Platforms

Cloud browser based OS:
  • Joli OS
  • OsW3
  • Easy Peasy
  • Chrome OS
  • Eye OS
General Operating Systems:
  • Cent OS Linux
  • SVSE Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • MAC OS X
  • Solaris
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux

Used File Extensions and Programming Language

  • Encodes documents
  • Extensible markup language
  • Clojure math language
  • Data analysis is done also by these purely mathematical programming language
  • .clj, .cljc, .cljs, .edn extensions
  • Server side web application framework
  • Load balanced-ever leap ASP DOTNET cloud hosting service
  • .aspx, .cshtml, .vbhtml extensions
  • Windows visual studio.
  • .js extension
  • Develops server side web applications
  • Open source cross platform runtime environment
  • One of the major component of LAMP
  • Built as an alternative for c++ and also java
  • Extensions – .py, .pyd, .pyo, .pyz, .pyc, also .pyw
  • R math language
  • Reports, graphs and statistics are also generated by it.
  • Extensions – .r, .R, .rds, .Rdata, .rda
  • .sql extension
  • To maintain MySQL on cloud platform it is also used as cloud SQL
  • Structural query language.
  • Extensions – .rb, .rbw
  • Object Oriented and also general purpose programming language.
  • Multiple programming paradigms are also supported.
  • Haskell functional language
  • Extension- .Ihs, .hs
  • Cloud based programming language also that helps for distributed computing
  • Extensions – .java
  • Makes it platform independent
  • Used to develop application software.
  • Server side scripting language used also for web development
  • Extensions – .php, .php3, .php4, .phtml, also .php5, .php7, .phpsq

Ongoing Recent Research Topics are,

  • Security and also integrity
  • Scheduling also for resource optimization
  • Management of virtualized resources
  • Fault tolerance
  • Hybrid clouds
  • Service Level Agreement models
  • Workflow management
  • Auditing
  • Load balancing also for energy optimization
  • Green Cloud computing
  • Virtual Machines migration
  • Effective Resource Utilization
  • Integration of cloud also with Body Area Network
  • Multi-Tenant Maintenance

         Whoever wants also to take up research projects should go through the above mentioned facts regarding cloud computing. To get more ideas related to cloud computing you can approach us directly. We can also have a detail discussion based on which a cloud computing research project can be framed according to your needs. A single project with us is what you need to get a head of your pearls. So don’t waste also any time contact us immediately and get benefited from it.

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