Master Thesis Ns3 Projects

Master Thesis Ns3 Projects

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Best Buy Master Thesis NS3 Projects Online Let’s get an idea about Ns3,

_” Ns3 is an open-source discrete-event network simulator for simulating both IP and non-IP based networks. It is easily involved with Wi-MAX models, Wi-Fi, and LTE (layer 1 and 2) and different routing protocols like AODV, OLSR, etc.”

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New Features in Ns3

  • A New class SpectrumWi-FiPhy in Spectrum Module
  • New TCP congestion control variants: Veno, H-TCP, YeAH, and also Illinois, Bic, TCP vegas congestion control algorithms
  • Models for traffic control module: PIE, FQ-CoDel, and also Byte Queue Limits.
  • Extensions for integration of Wi-Fi module also with the traffic control sublayer
  • Wi-Fi module support for TXOP limits, IEEE 802.11e, center frequency, standard, and also Wi-Fi channel number API configuration etc.

Thesis Ns3 Projects

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Ns3 Installation Support

Latest Version of Ns3:

  • Ns-3.27 (2017) is a current version licensed under the GNU GPLv2 license and it is publicly available also for research development.
  • Ns 3.26 (2016) released on October, 3, 2016. A several changes can be added in this version. The significant changes are traffic control models, new congestion control variants, and also Wi-Fi module for IEEE 802.11e
  • Ns3.25 (2016) released on March, 24, 2016 and also it is supported in traffic control framework, internet module, Wi-Fi module etc.

Platforms support:

  • Linux
  • MAC OS X
  • Windows
  • And also in FreeBSD

Ns3 Interfacing Support:

  • NS3 with Mininet
  • NS-3 with LTE Simulator
  • Jcap and Wincap with NS3
  • NS-3 with NDN simulator
  • NS3 with Matlab
  • NS3 also with Wimax simulation
  • NS-3 interface with SUMO
  • NS3 interface with OMNeT++
  • NS-3 with Virtual network interfaces (TAP/TUN devices)

Research Areas for Ns3

  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Satellite Networking
  • LTE simulation
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Wired networks
  • Wi-Max and Wi-Fi networks
  • Mobile Networks
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Routing protocols
  • Wireless body area networks
  • Software defined networks
  • Internet of Things
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • HetNets and also in SoftNets
  • Device to Device Communication.

Latest Research in NS3

  • Scalability and also speed issues on NS3
  • New protocols, devices and also applications development
  • New frameworks for definition and also automation in NS3
  • NS3 porting in unsupported platforms
  • MirageOS 1.0 also for SDN cloud systems
  • NS3 API from other programming languages C++/Python
  • LabView Communications LTE Application framework
  • Distributed simulation and also multi-processor with the help of GPUs
  • Statistical analysis tools, post-processing and also visualization

Simulation Frameworks in Ns3

  • Ns3-CRE: Cognitive Radio extension module also for Ns3. CRE provides the basic blocks that are requires for NS3.
  • OpenFlow 1.3 -Ns3: Module for Ns3 and aka OFSwithch 13 module supports SDN technology to enhance the performance of Ns-3.
  • NoveSatNs3: Satellite waveform under 3rd generation that used to transfer data and video files to their destinations with more faster and efficient manner.
  • OpenFlowDCE SDN Framework: SDN simulation framework enabled with DCE for Ns3. This framework is used to download and build the all required libraries.
  • Ns3-mmware: Ns3 module for the simulation and modeling of mmWave based cellular systems.
  • Satellite Network Simulator 3: Satellite network extension of Ns3. It is used in the interactive multi-spot beam satellite network with a transparent star payload and geostationary satellite.