Capstone Change Project Topics

A capstone project is a way for students to present their skills and sense of knowledge in an experimental project and major study. Make use of our capstone services for your project topics you don’t have to worry as we got you covered. Now you are in safe hands as our experts will take care of the entire process as per your university rules. Capstone projects differ largely based on the domain of research. In all areas we got you covered as our subject specialists will stay updated on trending techniques and methodologies.

The following is a list of capstone project plans throughout several departments that we work out:

Computer Science & IT

  • Development of a Mobile Application: We develop an app to support particular uses and overcome an issue.
  • Cybersecurity Solution Design: To improve data privacy our project designs a cybersecurity technique.
  • Blockchain Project: Creating a blockchain application such as smart contract mechanism and a scattered application is helpful for us.
  • Machine Learning (ML) Model Implementation: Implementing ML methods to a real-time dataset and observe the results.


  • Renewable Energy System Design: For employing small-scale mechanisms we develop a solar and wind energy model.
  • Sustainable Building Design: Our project incorporates an idea for an eco-friendly building, targeting energy performance.
  • Robotics Project: To work a particular task we create and operate a robot.
  • Water Treatment System: Creating a model to filter and desalinate water is useful to us.

Healthcare & Nursing

  • Public Health Campaign: We develop and use a movement solving a health problem.
  • Telehealth Service Project: For giving healthcare services virtually we design an idea and prototype.
  • Patient Education Program: To educate patients about particular criteria we create a code to make a better experience.
  • Healthcare System Analysis: Analyzing and proposing enhancements to a healthcare delivery mechanism is supportive for us.


  • Technology Integration in Education: By creating a project we implement methods into the academic practice.
  • Educational Program Evaluation: Testing the robustness of a particular program and intervention is helpful for us.
  • Educational Curriculum Improvement: We develop a syllabus and sequences of lesson ideas on a particular subject.
  • Literacy Enhancement Tool: To serve in literacy academics a technique our study designs a technology and program.

Business & Economics

  • Business Plan Development: For initiatives we design a literature business idea.
  • Organizational Case Study: Determining a sales issue in a real and hypothetical company and displaying results assist us.
  • Economic Impact Study: Our project studies the economic effect of a policy and activity.
  • Market Analysis Project: For fresh products and services we organize a market prediction.

Environmental Science

  • Sustainability Project: Implementing our research to give continuity in a particular field such as waste maintenance and energy usage.
  • Climate Change Research Project: Explore an important feature of climate change and its effect in our project.
  • Environment Impact Assessment: We generate a judgment in an internal ecological problem.
  • Conservation Initiative: For a local ecosystem and species we create a conservation idea.

Social Science

  • Community Development Project: To overcome the requirement in a local group we develop and incorporate work.
  • Cultural Study: Organizing research on a specific traditional phenomenon and community gives us beneficial aspects.
  • Behavioral Economics Study: We discover how psychological factors crash economic decisions.
  • Social Policy Analysis: Our project determines the recent social policy and its effects.

Arts & Humanities

  • Art Installation Project: Innovate a public art installation and display gallery in our work.
  • Film Production: Make a short movie and report in terms of a title we are passionate about.
  • Creative Writing Portfolio: Integrate a set of short stories, poems and a novel for our project.
  • Historical Research Project: Arranging deep study on a particular previous event and timeline serves us in this work.

These strategies help as an initial point, and select the topic in terms of our area of research, passion and the resources accessible to us. It should challenge us to use what we learnt in the coursework in practical and real-time situations.

What are the capstone topics for STEM students?

Below are a few capstone topics which we suggest for STEM students:


  • Creation and improvement of a novel energy-efficient device and mechanism.
  • Exploration of the latest resources and generating processes.
  • For engineering applications we design software techniques and handling models.
  • Observation of structural integrity and ecological effect of engineering projects.
  • Validation of the efficiency of engineering interventions and regulations.

Computer Science:

  • Development and utilization of techniques and data structures for particular applications.
  • Examine the cybersecurity attacks and sensitivities.
  • Investigation of evolving approaches in the domain of computer science.
  • Verification of human-computer interaction (HCI) standards and methods.
  • Enhancement of ML and AI frameworks.


  • Analysis of financial efficiency and investment ideas.
  • Testing the industrial impact and maintenance experience.
  • Discover the moral problems in business.
  • Create marketing efforts and product plans.
  • Identification of the effect of tools on marketing practices.


  • Validation of novel clinical treatments and therapies.
  • Construction of healthcare interventions and societal health programs.
  • To find directions and increase patient results we consider the healthcare data.
  • Investigation of the social determinants of health.
  • Evaluation of the moral suggestions of healthcare methods.

Social Sciences:

  • Observation of social phenomena and problems.
  • Discover the effect of social factors on one’s activities.
  • Improve the group-based programs and start-ups.
  • Validation of social policies and interferences.
  • Investigation of the role of social media and methodology in public.


  • Validation of guiding techniques and syllabus performance.
  • Examine the effect of academic policies on student results.
  • Creation of academic methods, techniques and functions.
  • Analyze the student learning pattern and inspiration.
  • Investigation of the act of tools in education.

Arts & Humanities:

  • Discovery of the communication of art, methods, and social problems.
  • Observation of literary tasks, artistic innovations and historical events.
  • Explore traditional directions and philosophical concepts.
  • Development of innovative projects and efficiency.
  • Testing the effect of art and culture on the public.

These are some examples and there are more different potential capstone topics for STEM students. The particular title that a student selects is based on their passion, area of research and the obtainable materials. Here are some extra notes when we choose a capstone topic for STEM students:

  • Select a title that is similar to our area of research.
  • We ensure that the topic is possible within the limited duration and resources.
  • Get acceptance from our mentor.
  • Choose a title which interests for us.
  • Handle straightforwardness and adjust in our project.

Capstone Change Dissertation Topics

Capstone Projects

Over the years we have built many capstone projects and have earned service of excellence from scholars. We identify scholars’ individual needs for their capstone project and write dissertation free from grammar or language error. On time delivery is our main work ethics that we follow. We match each of our capstone project order with in depth professionals of that subject for a high-quality service.

Some of the best capstone project that we have developed are sorted below.

  1. Implementation of 3GPP LTE Cat-M1 technology in NS-3: System simulation and performance
  2. Learning networking by reproducing research results in an ns-3 simulation networking laboratory course
  3. End-to-end Simulation of mmWave Out-of-band Backhaul Networks in ns-3
  4. A software architecture for large multi-simulation Experiments over ad hoc networks using NS-3 discrete-event network simulator
  5. Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols using ns-3 Mobility Models
  6. ns3-ai: Fostering artificial intelligence algorithms for networking research
  7. NS3 helicase actively separates RNA strands and senses sequence barriers ahead of the opening fork
  8. Improving the performance evaluation of wireless networks: towards a simulation-experimentation synergy using ns-3
  9. Flavivirus NS3 and NS5 proteins interaction network: a high-throughput yeast two-hybrid screen
  10. Configuration schemes and assessment of NS3 models using a wireless testbed
  11. A lightweight and accurate link abstraction model for the simulation of LTE networks in ns-3
  12. Image annotation and database mining to create a novel screen for the chemotype-dependent crystallization of HCV NS3 protease
  13. Integrating ns-3 model construction, description, preprocessing, execution, and visualization
  14. Short performance analysis of the LTE and 5G access technologies in NS-3
  15. Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11 ac and 802.11 n using NS3
  16. Analysis of node density and pause time effects in MANET routing protocols using NS-3
  17. Robust machine learning-enabled routing for highly mobile vehicular networks with PARRoT in ns-3
  18. ns-3 based framework for simulating communication based train control (CBTC) systems
  19. Simulation and Evaluation of Wired and Wireless Networks with NS2, NS3 and OMNET++
  20. Common TCP evaluation suite for ns-3: Design, implementation and open issues