Cognitive Radio Projects

Cognitive Radio Projects

       Cognitive Radio Projects is an exciting service offered by us with a noble goal of enlighten young minds. Radio spectrum is effective to use by this flexible technology call cognitive radio network. This is also a relatively new field for research, making it all more exciting and innovative for any scholar. Cognitive radio networks channel a huge amount of licensed frequencies in order to attain radio spectrum effectively. Cognitive Radio Projects is also a rising area with monumental relevance to today’s world

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CR Projects

    –“Cognitive Radio Network can also be defined as a technology that makes use of the available radio frequency spectrum and also minimizes the interference effectively.”

Types of Cognitive Radio Networks

  • Spectrum Sensing Cognitive Radio – Detects also the radio frequency spectrum channel
  • Full Cognitive Radio – Taken in account of also all the parameters

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Characteristics of Cognitive Radio

  • Spectrum sensing – Predicts also the available unused licensed (White spaces) spectrum
  • Spectrum sharing – Sensed spectrum is shared also with other users
  • Reconfigurability – Programmed as a transceiver also for using range of frequencies
  • Capabilities –

                          -Aware about environment

                          -Independent working

                          -Recognises its surrounding

                          -And also Correlate previous actions

Sensing Techniques Used for Narrow band

  • Matched filter detection
  • Cooperative detection
  • Energy detection
  • Waveform also based sensing
  • Eigen-Value also based detection
  • Cyclostationary feature detection
  • Interference also based detection

Algorithms Used

  • Selective weight setting algorithm
  • Unsymmetrical spatial coding algorithm
  • Joint beam forming and power control algorithm
  • Channel assignment algorithms
  • Swarm and genetic algorithm
  • Weighted cooperative sensing algorithm
  • Swarm intelligence
  • Leader election algorithm
  • Maximal Ratio Combining
  • Equal gain combining
  • QoS driven channel selection algorithm
  • And also in Fuzzy logic

Cognitive Radio Network Simulator

  • Topological patterns and also realistic traffic are generated using NS2 simulator
  • Interface parameter transmission among various layers are also enabled
  • For Network level simulator NS2 also based simulator are used
  • Performance evaluation of dynamic spectrum resource allocation, power control algorithms and also dynamic spectrum resource allocation

Simulators Used

  • JSIM
  • NS2 simulation
  • Opnet
  • Omnet++
  • NS3
  • And also NetSim

Prominent Research Areas

  • Relay selection and also channel allocation
  • Validation of CR protocols
  • CRN in vehicular Networks
  • Medical multimedia transmission
  • Protocol architectures for CRN
  • Proactive selection and also interference avoidance
  • Optimised spectrum decision
  • Construction of routing  and also clustering protocols
  • OFDMA-CRN resource management
  • Mobility and dynamic network topology
  • Congestion and also bandwidth scarcity
  • Best relay selection scheme
  • Cooperative Spectrum sensing
  • Network security
  • Multiple access and also handoff
  • CR in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Massive MIMO in CRN
  • Spectrum management
  • Multi-channel spectrum sensing
  • Channel assignments also in CRN

Significant Parameters in CRN

  • Channel error rate
  • Link layer delay
  • Holding time
  • Sensing time
  • Sensing accuracy
  • Spectrum utilization
  • Inter carrier interference
  • Detection probability
  • And also in Mis-detection probability


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