Controller Area Network Projects

Controller Area Network Projects

       Controller Area Network Projects provided by us for our students with best prices. In that, Controller Area Network is called “CAN Protocol,” which is mainly developed for vehicle networks? It provides various functionalities supports, including high-level programming, to incorporate vector database files (.dbc/.ncd), easy to use physical units, and also data acquisition and synchronization.  This is one of the challenging research fields in the current research because designing distributed and application-level network protocol is complex. But we nearly developed 500+ projects by using can protocol, and we also provide complete behavior of a protocol with individual parts operation definition.

Controller-Area Network

     Controller Area Network Projects suggests to select projects in the CAN protocol because most of the students can’t undertake a project on this domain. We also provide a training session and conduct various seminar programs in this domain for our students. We also have a group team of 100+ knowledge experts who guide you 24/7. If you are also willing to work under our experts, approach us today with your complete requirement. For your understanding, a few of the Controller Area Network areas along with few simulation tools mentioned below,

Controller Area Network Projects Areas

  • Arduino enabled CAN Technology
  • Vehicular network security
  • Authentication in VANETs
  • Automation and also automotive industry
  • Sports applications
  • Telescopes
  • Automatic door open and also close operation
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Traffic and transportation applications
  • Railway applications such as streetcars, light railways and also undergrounds
  • Operating room control applications (Hospitals)
  • Electronic Health Record (Medical devices and also equipment’s)

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Major Functionalities of CAN

  • Multi master Protocol
  • Serial communication between electronic equipments
  • Very robust in noisy environments
  • Priority also based signal setting

By now Controller Area Network Protocol is used in the following tools and software’s, such as:

  • RTaW-Sim
  • Omnet++
  • Kvaser
  • LabVIEW
  • BUSmaster
  • Socket CAN
  • Matlab Simulink
  • Arduino and Rasperry Pi
  • CANtact (The Open Source Car Tool)
  • NI-CAN also using Microsoft Visual Basic

Let’s see few of controller area network topics,

Controller Area Network Projects Topics
  • Realistic mobility model also for VANET based on NS3 and SUMO
  • Data center networks using NS3
  • Conversion of CAN into Wireless CAN also using Token ring protocol
  • Analysis and utilize error models also using NS3
  • NS3 and MCCA for multi-hop clear channel assessment in 802.11.
  • LTE module for 2*2 MIMO also using NS3 simulator
  • CAN bus communication system using Matlab SimEvents
  •  VANET for CAVENET and also NS3
  • Jellyfish and Blackhole attack on MANET
  •  CAN for Cypress semiconductor
  • Machine control systems
  • Autonomous robotic vehicle
  • SmartFusion2 Controller Area Network
  • Invehicle driving behavior identification also using CAN
  • SpartFunElectronics in Controller Area Network
  • Public key authentication scheme also for controller area networks
  • Controller area network transceivers
  •  Sensor Network using efficient CAN interface
  • Car to Arduino communication
  • Controller Area Network Communication also for Cyber Security

       Very few of the current research topics are listed above. Our service for you is not static because we also don’t believe while providing static topics. Once students commit with us, we also provide the best projects for each student. We provide your requirements by our specialized forms, and also we provide as per your university standard norms of interest.


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