Cryptography Based Projects

Cryptography Based Projects

        Cryptography Based Projects offers you a great research platform, where you can mine your needs to enrich your knowledge. Students who are interested in doing their master projects in cryptography choose more interesting and also crazy ideas. Ultra-modern projects are fully featured based on computer science practice and also mathematical theory.. It is referred to as a technique that “keeps information secret,” It possibly has two strategies: hide the presence of the information or create the information more unintelligible.

It is used to keep safe the information of email messages, bank account details, credit card information, Facebook information, and corporate data. A cryptographic algorithm is also designed to secure communication between devices/systems. We feel delectate for our services, which has benefitted 10000+ scholars worldwide. Our crypto-based projects carry you in a new way to reach your dream destination. This makes our world no.1, and a successful research candidate can be followed any of the research areas: mobile Security (iPhone, and also Android), web security (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Yahoo), also applied cryptography, crypto-currencies, and also privacy enhanced technologies.

Cryptography Projects

     Cryptography Based Projects is our amazing service to feel more convenient for budding students and also research scholars. We have a team of 200+ experts who know cryptography and their self-update with the current technologies, advanced cryptographic functions, and advanced techniques.  If you wish to start your research career in this field, you can also approach our top experts. Our experts ready to give a special session and also training programs for your specific research field. We have enumerated a few about cryptography, i.e., advanced concepts, new approaches, major research areas and also development tools, etc.

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Advanced Concepts in Cryptography

  • SCRA (Structure Free Compact Authentication)
  • Quantum Concepts in Cryptography
  • Tree based GHD
  • On-Board Key Generation also with RSA
  • RA and Hardware Accelerated Authentication
  • High Security of SDNs

New Approaches in Cloud Computing

  • Honey Encryption
  • Quantum Key Encryption
  • Functional Encryption
  • Low energy security for IoT
  • Algorithmic Personality detection
  • Post quantum cryptography for the internet
  • And also in Next generation web PKI technologies

Major Research Areas for Cryptography

Recently, cryptography is a very active research area that enabled many research domains (image processing, big data, and also cloud computing) to design a feasible system. We also focus on a wide range of research areas in cryptography because it plays an important role in information security.

Cryptography in Big data

  • Log analysis and big data
  • Filtering and also searching encrypted data
  • Industrial control systems security and also privacy
  • Secure outsourcing of computation
  • Security of big data in Mobile commerce and also Mobile IoTs
  • Forensics and privacy of multimedia big data also in cloud infrastructure
  • Security of Multimedia big data in smartphone devices
  • Resource management also for Multimedia big data on clouds

Cryptography in Cloud Computing

  • DNA cryptography
  • Cloud Systems Auditability
  • Hybrid clouds security
  • Cloud focused attacks
  • Network Steganography
  • Modern malware analysis
  • VM isolation assurance
  • Virtualization and also sandbox security
  • Cyber criminality, cyber security and also APTs leveraging the cloud

Cryptography in Image Processing

  • Image Encryption and also Decryption
  • Visual cryptography also using Image pixel Transparency
  • 3-4 image secret sharing scheme
  • Visual cryptography and image slicing based privacy preservation in data mining
  • Diverse image media based Privacy protection
  • Image Steganographic methodology
  • Image compression, also in authentication and OTP

Development Tools and Software’s

  • CrypTool
  • PKware
  • CrypToSys API
  • Jasypt
  • DesignWare
  • OpenSSL
  • GPGTools
  • Cryptophane
  • Scrypt
  • Dropbear
  • PhpCrypt
  • And also in Pycrypto

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • CrypTool: Open source e-learning to learning also about cryptographic algorithms
  • PKware: Software Development Kit also for Smart Encryption that provides performance options and embedded encryption
  • CrypToSys API: Developer’s toolkit of fast and also efficient symmetrical cryptographic functions
  • Jasypt: Java library to support basic encryption capabilities
  • DesignWare: Cryptography software library that offers a comprehensive suite of encryption and function certificate processing
  • OpenSSL: Software library that can be also used for secure communications over computer networks
  • GPGTools: Package for OS (MAC OSX) installation to support email and file encryption
  • Cryptophane: It is a GUI frontend also for the GnuPG encryption software
  • Scrypt: It is used to encrypt passwords
  • Dropbear: Software package to provide secure shell compatible and also server and client.
  • PhpCrypt: Open source library also for encryption which written in PHP
  • Pycrypto: Python Cryptography Toolkit that provides a collection of secure hash functions and various encryption algorithms  

Research Topics in Cryptography

  • Privacy preserving data mining
  • Privacy Preserving Auctions
  • Copyright Protection
  • Multicast Security
  • Network security for Block Cipher Technique
  • Integrated Scheme for Public key Cryptosystems
  • Hybrid cryptographic algorithms
  • Symmetric key encryption cryptographic algorithms
  • Asymmetric key encryption cryptographic algorithms
  • Stream hash and cipher function applied for security
  • Distribute system for key distribution centers
  • Pairing based and privacy enhanced cryptography
  • Efficient Secure and privacy metering
  • Incentives and also Escrow services in P2P Networks
  • Protocol Security and Concurrency
  • Cryptographic Game Theory
  • Database Privacy and also in Security
  • Connection establishment (computational & also symbolic security)

    We hope that our view of this work is more beneficial for your research. We also have provided for students understanding and also to get an idea about cryptography projects. Approach us and as well bring your own concept or any ideas. We also feel pleasured to do your concepts and get your work with before your deadline.

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