Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing
San Francisco Landmark Dataset
Mobile Robots Data Set
Mobile Data Challenge (MDC) Dataset->(Eligible Institutions Only Download Possible)
Openmobiledata_public Dataset
Mobile Social Networks Dataset
Stanford Streaming Mobile Augmented Reality Dataset
Stanford Mobile Visual Search Dataset
Telecom Italia Big Data Challenge Dataset:(Telecommunications – SMS, Call, Internet)
[Note:Download Data Need gmail/facebook Login Required]
UCSD Network Telescope Dataset
Friends and Family Pervasive and Mobile Computing Dataset
(Note: Download Reality Commons Data Need Registration)
Smartphone + Smartwatch Data Collected Using the CrowdSignals Dataset
(Note: Download Data Need Registration)
Mobile Scene Analysis Dataset
Dataset of Context Information from Cellular and Wi-Fi Networks
Wireless Campus Dataset
Use of Mobile Phone Dataset(Open Data Protal)
Multipath TCP Traces from Real Smartphone Users Dataset
3G/LTE Dataset Providers in Japan
4G Mobile Broadband (LTE) Coverage Dataset
Plausible Mobility Dataset