DSP MATLAB Thesis Topics

DSP MATLAB Thesis Topics

     DSP MATLAB Thesis Topics gives you an idea about your DSP Projects Thesis in MATLAB. We have a world-class expert team who are experts in all major application research fields related to digital signal processing. Digital Signal Processing is one of the current research fields in which we can develop a wide range of applications in real time systems. Communications systems, telecommunication, satellite communications, and mobile applications are some of the sub-fields of digital signal processing.

We can make use of both hardware and software for the DSP Project. We have specialized MATLAB experts who have the skill sets in all major toolboxes and tools for developing quality projects with 100% percent guaranteed outputs. Our DSP MATLAB Thesis Topics service provides you hundreds of topics with the complete support of our MATLAB experts. Don’t be worried by your emptiness; there’s so much way for play well in your research……

Major Sub Fields of Digital Signal Processing

  • Image processing
  • Control systems
  • Radar and sonar signal processing
  • Seismic data processing
  • Statistical signal processing
  • Sensor array processing
  • Communication systems based signal processing
  • Signal spectral estimation
  • Biomedical signal processing applications
  • Speech signal and audio processing

Best DSP Matlab Thesis Topics Online


     DSP MATLAB Thesis Topics covers you all round research aspects with the help of our guidance and assistance. We also approach students from a research perspective, which helps to know more about your projects in the respective field. We also have 150+ world-class employees who are also fully working on research-based projects.

The well beginning is means that the half of the work completion of DSP Thesis. Start to work today……you definitely also get a better tomorrow. Now, let’s have a glance over the concepts of Digital Signal Processing.

Digital Signal Processing Concepts

Digital Filters:
  • Band pass filter
  • Adaptive filters
  • Lattice filters
  • IIR and FIR Filters
  • Low pass filters
  • High pass filters
  • FDA tool and also in  filterbuilder GUI
  • Comb and also notch filters
  • Butterworth filter
  • Multi rate filters
  • Multi stage filters
  • Frequency response of FIR filters
Modulation Systems:
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK)
  • Pulse Coded Modulation
  • Frequency Shift Keying (FSK)
  • Delta Modulation
  • Binary Frequency Shift Keying (BFSK)
Discrete Signals Systems:
  • Mathematical functions (prod, sum and also max)
  • Discrete complex harmonic signal
  • Functions like randn (1,N) and also randm (1,N)
  • Signal generation (Rectpuls, Tripuls, Diric, and also in Sinc, Gauspuls, Saw tooth etc.)
  • Unit sample sequence and step sequence
Waveform processing:
  • Data precision and Time vector
  • Sinc function
  • Pulstran function
  • Dirichlet function
  • Multichannel signals
  • Waveforms (periodic and also in aperiodic)
  • Functions (impulse, step and also in ramp)
Control Theory:
  • Control using Neural Networks
  • Optimal control
  • Ackerman’s formula derivation
  • Msaon’s gain formula derivation
  • Fuzzy logic for control
  • Optimal control
  • Non-linear systems control
  • DSP processors and also its usage in control systems
  • Implement programmable logic with controller
  • Derive observability/controllability relationships
  • Implement controller and also specific system design
Other concepts in Digital Signal Processing:
  • Digital filtering
  • Real time noise filtering
  • Automatic cue-point finder
  • Speech enhancement
  • Compressed sensing
  • Sinusoids
  • Spectrum representation
  • Aliasing and sampling
  • Complex numbers
  • Vector quantization
Project Ideas in Digital Signal Processing:
  • Filtering operation and also design on the EVM
  • Signal recognition and also in detection
  • Channel noise simulation also in Spread Spectrum CDMA
  • Note extraction and detection from musical cord also using EVM
  • Touch tone detection dialing signals
  • Noise reduction filtering also in motor vehicle
  • Quadratic mirror filters and also sub-band coding
  • Dual tone multiple frequency decoding also by the EVM
  • Adaptive filter implementation also using Linear Predictive Coding
  • Sample filtering also using PC Soundcard
DSP Systems and Boards:
  • DSP system also based on TMS320C25
  • The DSP Card TI TMS320C31
  • The DSP Board on TMS320C2 or C26
  • High Speed Data Acquisition System
  • IBM PC/AT DSP Board TMS320C31

Major DSP Applications

Communication and Control:
  • DSP applications evaluation
  • TI TMS320C30EVM using in communication and also in control
  • Implementation and development of UART Transmitter Routine also for TMS320 C30
  • Digital delay programmable effects processor also using TI TMS320C30 EVM
  • Design of TMS320C50 starter kit also with digital filter
  • Digital PID controllers design
  • Motorola application development digital filter design and also signal analysis
  • Texas TMS320C30 also with audio effects processor
  • Analog Interface Controller
  • Spread spectrum signal real time detection
Image Processing Applications:
  • Depth Focusing
  • Design image processing structure also to enhance the manufacturing process
  • Image compression system design, evaluation and also implementation
Music and Speech Processing:
  • Bayesian classifier also for vowel recognition
  • TI TMS320 C30 Speech Recognition
  • Computer speech recognition
  • Instrument music also analysis of DSP system
  • Linear Predictive Coding
  • Conversion of Pitch to MIDI

Latest DSP MATLAB Thesis Topics

  • 5G Ultra Dense Networks also for Context Aware Radio Access Technology Selection using MATLAB
  • Narrow Band RFI Suppression also using the Least Mean Squares Adaptive FIR Filter in Radio Detection of Cosmic Rays
  • VCO based ADCs Sampling Errors Mitigation also using MATLAB
  • Bispectral video signal recovery under conditions also for industrial noise removal
  • Comparison of performance analysis of adaptive and also fixed beam forming technique
  • Microprocessor trip unit imitation model of a circuit breaker
  • Efficient and simple design and also control of single phase PWM rectifier for UPS Applications
  • Real time hemodynamic feature and also proof of concept energy efficient extraction from bioimpedence signals based on mixed signal FP analog array
  • Simulation survey of DSP based dispersion compensation
  • New composite control technique, multiple classifier and also artificial neural network for fault location

    You can any of the concepts for your digital signal processing projects. MATLAB has inbuilt functions, a model library, and toolboxes so we can develop any kind of concept in digital signal processing projects. Students, who interest and willing to make their research career a successful sensation, can contact us anytime and anywhere.