How to choose a PhD topic?

When we start our PhD study we would pursue with full of interest and at somehow we would be getting frustrated when it comes to choosing a suitable PhD topic. It is quite easy for those PhD scholars who are assigned with topics by someone that is enough for them to have a broad study and have detailed knowledge in that particular assigned field and they don’t bother for choosing the topics for the PhD study.

There are plenty and plenty of topics available that may confuse us while selecting the topic for PhD. Yet we can choose the topic with clear mindset once we go through the following steps.

  • Choose the PhD topic based on your current and previous study.
  • We can choose the topic based on area of interest.
  • We have chances to enhance the existing projects that are in the development stage and then convert them into the PhD work.

Based on the current and previous study

We can do PhD based on our current study or previous degree so that we can easily understand and relate with the study. In our previous degree or current study we might have covered all kinds of aspects in the whole study period, with that knowledge we can get into the PhD. There will be so many different domains in your previous study and we can choose any one topic among them to bring out as a complete discovery in the PhD study.

We can just search for the required details and keep reading at some instant we may get spark in our mind. That particular topic or the fact allows you to think in wider range of angle to get rid in finding the suitable title for the PhD study.

After selecting the topic we can find a Guide or a Supervisor for us to help and support throughout the journey with his / her knowledge. We should be 99% strong enough and ensure that the chosen topic will be accomplished.

Sometimes we gather some interesting things and so we will be able to bring changes in our PhD topics, that is quite normal but we should enhance that how confident we are in developing this particular new change of topic.

Based on the Area of Interest

Everyone has some favorite subject for them and so we can select the PhD topic from that particular subject. That particular subject or the field is said to be the area of interest and so we can select the specific topic once completely reading the field carefully. After reading the specific field we can come to the conclusion whether we can implement a brand new discovery in this area or not. So once we get confident with some particular topic we can easily go for handling the discovery in that field.

Working on the area of interest can give us more of confidence and helps us to travel throughout the journey. In the area of interest we can also bring collaborations in the discovery too so that we can reach our aim of giving success rate in our work that we are going to undertake in PhD study. Instead of just blindly selecting a topic for the PhD study and learning it from the scratch gives better idea of the evolution of that particular topic we can select some excellent topic from area of interest itself.

Tips for selecting a Existing project topics

  • We can check out the recent trends in the existing technologies and can list out the best works among them.
  • After selecting the best works we can take a step forward considering how successful each work will be when it is implemented.
  • By guessing the implementation results we can come to an end with the right project and so we can have that particular chosen topic as our selected topic for the PhD study.
  • The existing project can also be added with more and more of newer technologies so, all those added technologies enriches the PhD study.

We can go through many research papers that are related to the recent technology in our area of interest. We can select the papers that really attract us in our area of interest. By observing the theme of the paper we can come to a conclusion of choosing the title for our PhD study.  For finding the various research papers we can use various sites like IEEE, Scopus, Web of science, Sage, Springer Healthcare, University of Chicago Press, Brill, Palgrave, Scientific Research Publishing, Edinburgh University Press, etc.,  These sites are used not alone for the selection of PhD topic but also we can refer the research works of these sites throughout our PhD journey. All these sites will also be very useful with the appropriate details with proofs.

It is much better and simple when the Project chooses you instead you choose the project with all the searching. We all get some spark and hit with various knowledge in the process of developing the PhD work. This state of mind getting spark really helps us with cultivating curiosity on our next move in the PhD study.

We should be genuine with our chosen topic and not distract with others work because each work varies and each work is unique. We should be clear and full-fledged with our PhD work in order to find new explorations in each and every step of discovering. We also must ensure about the originality of the work and keep in mind about bringing new discovery.

In some cases they experience failure in the chosen topic so in that case we should thrive for choosing a better topic which could bring out the 100% success and should give a sustainable quality throughout the process. Then we should cultivate interest in the selected topic and keep on working with lot of potential otherwise we would face of having changed with another topic again. It is better to choose patiently and to bring out the results properly without any confusion.