How to Publish a Research Paper in India?

Every scientist wish to publish their paper in a journal no matter they are residing in which country, India or abroad. This blog will help you in knowing about the process involved in publishing your paper on an Indian journal. You can get to know every process from selecting a perfect journal to learn about peer review to replying to their feedback and about the last step in publication.

Here are the key steps involved in publishing a research paper in Indian journal:

Picking the Best Journal for your Brand of your Research

It is important for you as a research or academic professional to pick one journal potentially in which you want to publish your research paper. You should consider about the impact and scope of the particular journal while selecting one for your research work even that can create big difference. Take your own time as much required and analyze the journals go through its submission process and all other factors like selecting title, publication method and open or closed access.

Selecting the appropriate journal – Why is it so important?

You have to choose a journal for publication that is the first step you should do. You can choose one even before you start writing your paper. This will help you out by letting you know about the articles already published in that journal and can know about how the article got selected for that journal.

Every journal will follow a specific format for their article. If you want to get published in that journal you have to fulfill their formatting requirements. So, it is better to choose a journal before start writing your paper.

Selecting the appropriate journal – What do it want?

You have to consider the following criteria’s for selecting a journal to publish your research paper:

>> You should know about the reach that journal can provide when you publish your work in it.

>> Know about the opportunities you can get once got published in that journal.

>> The amount of reputation you can get from publishing on that journal.

>> The payment details that you have to provide with.

Beginning the Process of Putting your Research Work

To publish your research paper you should make it more compelling and effective, it would be a little difficult task if you are a new scholar. Choosing a journal to publish your research paper even before start writing your paper will provide you with an advantage of viewing some example articles which have been already published in that particular article. Here are some tips for you to start the writing process of your paper:

Writing a best research article or paper – What do it need?

The writing procedure depends on the journal which you choose, type of your article and your field. The style, sentencing and structure of the article depend upon the audience you want to cover. You have to consider all those factors while writing, it is very important to keep them all in mind.

Carrying Out a Flawless Submission

If you have found the best matching journal, and complete your writing work also, now you have to move on to next step of submitting your research paper which is for publication.

You have to completely go through the guidelines given for authors which will be available in the portal of ‘instructions for authors’ website of that particular journal in which you wish to submit your paper because each journal have specific requirement.

Submitting an article– Why it is critical?

To make the submission of your paper more effective you have to fulfill all the required criteria which are mentioned by the journal. To do that you have to be familiar with all the factors mentioned below:

>> The section of ‘Instruction for author’

>> Effective preparation of cover letter

>> How to pass the submission system of journal

>> Find about whether all the data collected are fulfilling the requirement

Make sure you have covered every single requirement of the journal before submitting your paper to save time from submitting it incorrectly which may lead to rejection of paper.

Ace the Peer-Review Process

After submitting your paper to the journal you have to face one more important step of the process that is the peer review.

The process of Peer reviewing – Why people face difficulties to overcome it?

In this process, the paper submitted by you will be accessed by experts from your field. These evaluators also known as referees used to check your paper based on the significance, authenticity and soundness for the paper which you have submitted.

>> The significance of this step is listed below:

>> Proof that the methodology you chose is good

>>Work you did can be duplicated

>> Your article matching the scope and objective of the journal which is fit for publication

>> Ensure good quality of your research paper

It is one of the good processes which can help you in making your research paper better before it is published. This process involves collaborative works of author and peer, by taking the peers feedback, make changes accordingly and move forward with your work.

Every article which are submitted for publication will undergo a peer review, and sometimes even the article which are published in the journal should undergo a peer review process which is known as ‘post publication peer-review’.

 Knowing completely about the peer reviewing process – Why is that so much important?

This process may look little difficult. But if you want to complete it in a better way you can take the help of your peers, research lead, supervisors and any others. You can ask them to explain the following details:

>> Different varieties of peer reviewing process

>> All the detailed steps involved in the process

>> How can you recheck your manuscript?

By following those processes you can get to know how to overcome rejection and how to rectify your mistakes.

Holding on Until the Paper is published

Once your article is accepted then that will be published on the journal. In this stage your article will soon be published on the journal in which you wished to publish your article. Here there is no any high efforts is required from your side, most of it will be done by the production team of the journal, but some necessary works should be done by you.

What should you do here?

Your task here is to guide the production team with making decisions and performing some task. When you complete that you can be relaxed and wait for the publication of your article. After the publication also you have to do some work, it will not be over after publication. You have to know whether your article have made any impact to the world which you wanted to witness, because this is published in India and also accessible to readers from various place of the globe.