Image Compression Master Student Thesis

Image Compression Master Student Thesis

    Image Compression Master Student Thesis is our premier service that made for master students thesis projects. Our experts working within the world i.e. offer their services around the world. Image compression is a recent research topic in digital image processing. As more and more algorithms and techniques used in image compression systems. Our top experts provide advanced methods that are from statistics and mathematics. The last 10 years, we have successfully completed 1000+ image compression projects for master students.. We offer training courses for students to get a strong mathematical background as well as strong interest in current technology. Students, who want to their master thesis projects at our organization, approach us without any delay.

Image Compression Master Student Thesis

    Image Compression Master Student Thesis offers you modern service in the field of image compression. Many of PhD students and other master degree students committed with us before their research. We offer beautiful opportunities in their research and allowing them to grow as a Graduate Student. Furthermore, we offer well-prepared thesis for master projects. At the end, we guide them for their external and internal viva-voce preparation. Words cannot express how we are grateful and our experts that we have made for you. So why you still wait? Reach of us today… we provide you wonderful environment to working with us.

      Let’s have a look at the overview of Image Compression,

    …”Image Compression is the process of reducing amount of data that need to characterize an image. It can be used in various fields include signal, video, and image processing”. Any master degree students can choose this area for your master thesis projects. The areas of our concentration are:

  • Ultrasound and biomedical imaging
  • Signal processing and musical acoustics
  • Image processing
  • Communications
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Visual wireless sensor networks
  • IC/VLSI micro controllers and computer/system design

Why do we need image compression?

  • Increased amount of the storage space
  • Transmission time of the image is reduced when sent on internet
  • Reduce the cost and storage in image transmission
  • Reduce cost of video clip transmission

Image Compression Techniques:

  • Area image compression
  • Entropy encoding [Arithmetic, Huffman, and Data]
  • Chain codes
  • Deflation used in MNG, PNG and TIFF
  • Predictive coding and DPCM
  • Run-length encoding
  • Adaptive dictionary algorithms
  • Fractal compression
  • Chroma subsampling
  • Transform coding [Block/Full Frame]
  • Quantization [Scalar and Vector]
  • Multi Resolution Coding

Image Compression Algorithms:

  • Context based embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Ant Colony Optimization
  • Discrete Cosine Transform based Algorithm
  • Discrete Wavelet Transformation
  • Quantization Index Modulation
  • Huffman Algorithm
  • 3D Discrete Wavelet Transformation
  • Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform [DT-CWT]
  • Vector Quantization
  • Haar Wavelet Algorithm
  • Quantized Evolutionary Algorithm
  • Quantized DCT Algorithm
  • Spatial Orientation Tree Wavelet
  • Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees
  • Set partitioning in Hierarchical Trees 3D Color Images
  • Adaptively Scanned Wavelet Difference Reduction
  • Wavelet Difference Reduction
  • Embedded Zerotree Wavelet

Image Compression Using Matlab:

Basic Matlab Functions:

  • imgCompress: HDU compress from one file into another
  • setTileDim: Used to set tile dimensions
  • setHCompScale: Used to set scale parameter for HCOMPRESS algorithm
  • setHCompSmooth: Used to set smoothing images compressed with HCOMPRESS algorithm
  • isCompressedImg: This function is used to find whether the current image is compressed or not.
  • setCompressionType: This function is used to set the image compression type

Image Compression Software and Supported Platforms:

  • FILEminimizer [Windows]
  • AdvanceCOMP 1.20 [Windows]
  • Caesium 1.7.0 [Windows]
  • FileOptimizer [Windows]
  • ImageOptim 1.6.1 [MAC]
  • JPEGmini Lite [Windows/MAC]
  • jStrip 3.3 [Windows]
  • OptiPNG 0.7.5 [Windows]
  • PNGGauntlet 3.1.2 [Windows]
  • PNGOptimizer 2.4.2 [Windows]

Image Compression Applications:

  • Digital radiography
  • Satellite imaging
  • Archive of medical/business documents
  • Multimedia applications (Desk top Editing)
  • Image transmission applications (Data from the internet)
  • Video clip transmission
  • Real time video conference

Latest Image Compression Topics:

  • A power and cost efficient image compressor VLSI design with fuzzy decision and block partition in wireless sensor networks
  • Approximate correction and image authentication using frequency and spatial domain features
  • Design Image Structure Retrieval through L <sub>0</sub> minimization
  • Perceptual quality evaluation towards light field images compression
  • Model based microwave breast imaging using array sensitivity method
  • Edge detection with sub-pixel precision in JPEG images
  • An efficient system bandwidth design for stereo video streaming
  • On-board remote sensing data compression using a lightweight contextual arithmetic coder
  • Image frequency domain exploration to reduce the MWSN energy consumption

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