IoT Projects Using Arduino Uno

IoT Projects Using Arduino Uno

       IoT projects using Arduino Uno is one of our essential and emerging research fields which always working also for our student’s career growth. It is a computing environment in which everything or everyone is connected and also it growing nowadays more rapidly and connected with huge amounts of devices together.   Students from any discipline can choose their projects in IoT; we can also develop projects using Arduino Uno with great potential of the IoT technology. Many applications and research areas are found in IoT like Industrial, health, transportation, entertainment, security, and many more. Arduino Uno is a new tool to connect IoT things to the internet and also to transfer information or the internet with each other.

New Development in Arduino Uno

      “Cloud computing is a new platform that builds many applications using IoT devices, and it is to blinking with a LED.” In this MQTT broker sends information from one board to another board. Cloud computing enables IoT products with quick, secure, and also easy to make connection creation. IoT projects using Arduino Uno always inspire and also enable more current ideas for building our students IoT projects.

IoT Projects Using Arduino Uno Online

A list of IoT projects using Arduino Uno:

  • Cloud ready temperature sensor building also using Arduino Uno
  • GPRS Modem for Remote area applications
  • Smart phone to internet and also Bluetooth to smart phone
  • ENC28j60 Ethernet Module
  • ESP8266 Wi-Fi Chip

HIL Simulation in Arduino Uno

     HIL is an acronym for the Hardware-In-the Loop simulation. It provides an efficient platform by adding complexity to the plant under test and also a control platform. HIL is also used to test the development of real-time complex embedded systems. A HIL Simulation in Arduino Uno includes the following,

  • Test quality enhancement
  • Plat with high burden rate
  • Schedules development tight
  • And also in Human factor development

Latest Research Topics for IoT Projects Using Arduino Uno

  • Arduino Uno also based Smart Garbage Alert system in IoT
  • Remote Control LED also using Arduino Uno and IoT
  • Arduino Uno also based open source home automation
  • Control humidity and also temperature monitoring using IoT with Arduino Uno
  • Do-It-Yourself Projects from Home also using Arduino Uno and Internet of Things
  • Simple Design using Arduino Uno ESP8266 WI-FI module and also IoT
  • Smart Home Automation using Android, and also IoT assisted Arduino Uno
  • Industry protection system also using GSM with Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Uno also for Fingerprint authentication device switching
  • Rain sensing automatic car wiper also in IoT using Arduino Uno
  • Charge monitor in Arduino Uno also for smart wireless battery charging
  • Garbage Monitoring system using IoT and also Arduino Uno
  • SMS notification also for automatic unauthorized parking detection based on Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Uno with Internet of Things also for Toll Booth Management system
  • Monitoring energy meter over Arduino Uno also with IoT