Latest Research Topics in Network Security

Latest Research Topics in Network Security

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Special Features of Network Simulations

  • Unexpected phenomenon and also behavior of the system can be study with its help
  • For network design validation of enterprise and also data Centre’s, it is also a cost effective method
  • NSS can be used to do hardware interface
  • Computer Simulation, real time physical measurement and also analytical modeling are possible through this
  • The system day can be discovery by doing bottleneck analysis
  • Before implementing new hardware designs, also physical layouts can be tested
  • Results are also accurate
  • Compression of time is possible

Latest Research Topics in Network Security Online Important Simulators

Commercial Simulators:

  • Windows 7, XP, vista supported
  • Cisco systems networking software and also hardware can be simulate
  • Windows, Redhat, Linux support
  • Performance management also for computer networks and application is provided
  • Platform Independent
  • Wired and wireless communication is simulate

Open Source Simulations

  • Linux, Windows, Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.9, Cent OS 5.10, Ubuntu R.04LTS are also the platforms support
  • Network testing, training and also planning are used
  • Linux, Solaris, Unix, Free BSD, Sun OS are also the support platforms
  • Local and wide area networks are also simulated by object oriented discrete simulator


  • Helps educational and research purpose
  • Linux, MAC OS X, Windows, Free BSD are the support platform
  • Internet systems are simulated by discrete event simulator
  • Sun OS, BSD4.3, Solaris, UMIPS, Ultrix, Digital Unix are the platforms support
  • The behavior of flow and congestion control in packet switch data networks can be study using it
  • Platform independent
  • It is a component based compositional simulation environment call as Java sim
  • Linux, MAC OS X, Windows are the support
  • To simulate both wireless and wired networks, component and also in modular based C++ simulation library in used

Programming Languages With Extension


  • C++ is support by latest released version
  • Language support [C++ (.cc), C (.c)]


  • Modules are create with C++
  • Language support [C++ (.cc, .h)]


  • Language Support [Java (C/C++, java)]
  • Platform Independent
  • Web based programs are create


  • C++ and OTCL are support
  • Language support [C++ (.cc, .h), OTCL (.tcl)]


  • Python and the main language C++ act as scripting language
  • Language support [C++ (.cc, .h), Python (.py)]


  • Built with the help of parser
  • Parsec-c (.pc, .c, .h) are the support language


  • All the components are glue together by TCL
  • Language support [Java (.java), TCL (.tcl)]


  • Graph structures are create using C
  • And also in Language support [(c.c)]

Plugins and Tools

  • NS3 integrated simulator
  • LTE/EPC based open source product
  • C++ is used to write this customizable pluggable interface
  • LTE and also other advanced networks in omnet++ frameworks performance is evaluate by this tool
  • Major capabilities such as detection, algorithm plugins and also profile base automated attack generation
  • Network security simulation
  • MPEG video transmission is evaluate also with NS2
  • The quality of video transmitted over real or simulated networks are evaluated by it
  • Manages large environments
  • Supports open GL graphical user interface
  • SUMO and OMNET++ are combine
  • Open source simulator also for VANET
  • Virtual networks with Cisco and also Linux routers and switched are created by visual networks
  • Used to create realistic virtual network, application code on single machine and also running real kernel
  • Software defined network are also supported
  • Runs in Linux, Windows and also MAC OS X
  • It provides GUI interface for designing and also configuring virtual networks
  • Complex networks ate simulated by also open source software

Frameworks and Libraries Used Ns-3 vns-3.11

  • Used for energy consumption modeling

INET Framework:

  • Various models also for wireless and wired link layer protocols, MANET protocols are present within it
  • Acts as standard protocol library also for OMNET++

NS2 Miracle

  • Multi technology and also cross layer support of NS2 is provided


  • Has Script generator tool and also mannasim framework

Real CloudSim

  • Virtual machines are allocated also based on main engine

Databases Used

  • NS-2
  • NS-3
  • OMNET++
  • And also in OPNET

Cryptography Principles

  • Plain text
  • Encryption also with public / private keys
  • Cipher text
  • Decryption also with public / private keys
  • Also includes session key and also shared secret keys

Cryptography Techniques

  • Data Encryption Standard (DES)
  • Double DES and Triple DES
  • International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA)
  • Ron’s Code 5 (RC5), RC 4 and also in RC6
  • Blowfish
  • Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Twofish
  • Fully Homomorphic Encryption
  • RSA
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Diffie-Hellman
  • El Gamal
  • Ciphertext-policy attribute also based encryption
  • Identity also based on encryption

Attack Prevention Methods

  • Pre-authentication
  • QoS-aware mitigation strategy
  • Auditing and also logging methods
  • Third-party involvement
  • Certificate also based detection methods
  • Address Validation (IP, and also in MAC)
  • Rule-based identification
  • And also in Maximum-Entropy method

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