Latest Thesis Topics in Wireless Communication

Latest Thesis Topics in Wireless Communication

     Latest Thesis Topics in Wireless Communication is one of the marvelous platforms to provide our inventive ideas to select highly advanced research topics in most popular networking areas. Nowadays, we have 100+ highly experienced experts who are experts in the evergreen research field of wireless communication. For this reason, we can easily implement any complicated wireless communication projects. Our incredible Wireless Communication service is initiated with the vision of sharing our innovative ideas for students and research colleagues to achieve the best career in this competitive world. Day by day, we have updated our knowledge from the world’s top journals.

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Topics in Wireless Communication

    Latest Thesis Topics in Wireless Communication offers high tech advanced research topics for you to accomplish your dream of ground breaking research with the best achievements. We provide comprehensive support also for you to prepare your wireless communication research thesis with high standards.

These days, we have accomplished thousands of highly sophisticated wireless communication projects in a wide range of recently popular network research areas such as wireless sensor networks, delay-tolerant networks, heterogeneous networks, green networking and also in energy harvesting, wireless ad hoc and also in mesh networks, software-defined networks, cognitive radio networks, wireless body areas sensor networks, underwater sensor networks, vehicular communication networks, cloud computing, fog computing, green computing, MIMO and also in Multi-Antenna Communications, etc. Let’s also have a glance over some of the important aspects of wireless communication.

Latest Thesis Topics in Wireless Communication Online Upcoming Research in Wireless Communication

  • Neuromorphic Computing
  • Novel Architectures for Optical Switches and also Routers
  • Multi Domain Routing Protocols also for IP Over Optical Networks
  • Performance and Spectrum Management in Cognitive Networks
  • Multimedia Communication Via Cognitive Networks
  • Traffic Engineering in Multi-Technology Networks
  • Social abd Biometric Data Aware Adaptation
  • Multi Level Loop Encapsulation in Smart Systems
  • Regulatory Strategies on Spectrum Allocation also for Future Broadband Networks
  • Facilitate SDR Technology also for Cognitive Radio
  • Self-Organizing Socio-Technical Systems
  • Cloud Computing and also Software Defined Network / Network Function Virtualization (SDN/NFV)
  • Simulation Methodology for Communication Networks
  • Satellite Technologies also for E-Learning
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot Interaction
  • Cloud Computing and also LTE Pro4.5
  • Managing 5G LTE Advanced Networks and also LTE Heterogeneous Networks
  • Mobile App also for Public Cloud
  • Enterprise Centric Cloud Computing

Major Issues in Wireless Communication

  • Reliability and Ownership Issues
  • Energy Consumption Issues also based on Wireless Communication
  • Big Data Analytics in Clouds
  • Signal Coexistence, and also Data Rate on Wireless Communication
  • Fairness Issues in Mobility and also Adaptive Management
  • Security and Privacy also in Cloud Environment
  • Propagation Issues also in Vehicular Sensor
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues also in Security system
  • Mobility Issues
  • Complex Resource Allocation also in Modern Cellular Networks
  • Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Problem also in Cognitive Radio
  • Interference Management Problem also in Heterogeneous Networks

Major Tools for Wireless Communication

  • Visual Programming Tools
  • Emerging Telecommunication software Tools
  • Simulation Tools:
    • NS2
    • NS3
    • Cooja
    • OMNET++
    • GloMoSim
    • OPNET
    • QualNet
    • SUMO
    • TinyOS
    • GrooveNet
    • MiniNet
    • JSIM
    • Traffic
    • SSFNet
    • WSN
    • Divert Traffic
    • And also in Heterogeneous Grooming Optical Network Simulator

Network Troubleshooting Tools

  • Traceroute Tool
  • Pink Tool
  • SNMP Monitoring Tools:

              -NNMi tool

              -SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor tool

              -CA Spectrum Tool

  • Centralized Log Management Tools:

              -Garylog Tool


  • NetFlow Analytics Tools

              -SevOne’s Tool

              -Acrutinizer Tool

Thesis Topics in Wireless Communication

  • Digital Watermarking Based Information Integration and also in Protected Smart Grid Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Personalized Quality of Experience (QoE) Management also Using Data Driven Architecture in 5G Wireless Networks
  • Timer Division Duplex Operation also Using Sub-frame Scheduling Data Allocation in Packet Based Wireless Communication System
  • User Profile Based Targeted Information Delivery also Using Novel Method and system in a Mobile Communication
  •  Picocell Communication in a Macrocell also Using Controlling Uplink Power in Wireless Communications
  • Gateway and Sensor Node Mutually Computing also in Wireless Sensor Network
  • Q Controllable Antenna also for Wide Area Communication and Sensing in Wireless Charging through Coupled Magnetic Resonances
  • Carrier Aggregation also for Apparatus of Transmitting Random Access Response and Configuring Downlink Timing in Mobile Communication

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