Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis

Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis

               Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis offers you a complete thesis on load balancing in cloud computing. Load balancing is a method of distributing workloads across multiple computing resources in a cloud environment and it’s migrate tasks to underutilized Virtual Machines (VMs). Our professional writers have 7 years of experience in thesis writing and offer customized and standard thesis for master students (M.E/M.Tech/M.Phil) and research associates (MS/PhD) from all over the world. We offer additional support for our students in thesis proposal writing, report writing, and format and proof reading. Our thesis will speak about our standard and we have prepared for students from any specialized domains.

Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis:

               Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Thesis presented in the aim of feel confident students and scholars to write their thesis. We offer extended writing support and successful completion of your load balancing in cloud computing thesis. Thesis is a complete piece of your research work which also called as “Dissertation”. Cloud computing is a wide area that supports various mechanisms such as task scheduling, load balancing and security. Load balancing is a most significant area that supports the following services: continued guaranteed service, high traffic handling and manage sudden request spikes. Gets your Load balancing in cloud computing thesis by on time delivery.

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  • Thesis support (Chapter-wise)
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Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing:

Static Load Balancing Algorithm:

  • Least response time/bandwidth/packets algorithm
  • Improved Weighted Round Robin Algorithm
  • Custom load based algorithm
  • Opportunistic load balancing algorithm
  • Round robin/weighted round robin/dynamic round robin algorithm
  • Divisible load balancing and weighted round robin algorithm

Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm:

  • Genetic algorithm with hyper mutation dynamic load balancing algorithm
  • Score based load balancing algorithm
  • Energy efficient load balancing algorithm
  • Adaptive load balancing algorithm
  • Neighbor Aware Random Sampling (NARS) Algorithm
  • Server load balancing algorithms
  • Modified active monitoring load balancing algorithm
  • Resource allocation strategy based load balancing algorithm

We offer step-by-step guidance for our students to prepare thesis. Our load balancing in cloud computing thesis preparation steps involves:

  • Domain/topic selection
  • Aim/Scope of the research
  • Abstract
  • Introduction/Background study
  • Literature survey
  • Problem formulation
  • Proposed work with novel concepts
  • Research methodology:


                                -Techniques writing


                                -Mathematical proofing

                                -Algorithms and pseudo code writing

  • Complete code development
  • Performance evaluation
  • Graphical/tabular representation
  • Conclusion
  • Future Improvement
  • References

Other Research Areas in Load Balancing:

  • Hybrid Lifi/RF Networks
  • Network and service management
  • Raspberry-Pi web servers
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Massively dense wireless sensor networks
  • Software defined network data centers
  • Wireless body area networks
  • LTE-A systems
  • Small-cell heterogeneous networks
  • Social aware networks
  • SDN based mission control critical networks
  • Joint millimeter wave-microwave cellular networks

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