M.Tech VANET Projects

M.Tech VANET Projects

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VANET Projects

        M.Tech VANET Projects provide highly standardized and also uptrend of topics for your projects with our marvelous support and also guidance.Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) is embryonic technology that enables an extensive range of protection and non-safety applications and services to move vehicles at relatively high speed in the network to create a mobile network.

It contains vehicle networks to communicate between nearby vehicles and road wayside equipment with diverse purposes, improving safety on the road. VANET is one of the most modern research areas because of it’s upcoming research issues and also immeasurable research scope. Now, let’s fleeting look at few very important algorithms that used Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks with recent research areas, simulation tools, and also most recent topics.

Best M Tech Vanet Projects Online Primary and Recent Implementation of Algorithms

  • Ant Colony also Based Optimization Algorithm
  • Adaptive Distance Vector Routing Algorithm
  • Low Density and also Approximate Fair Active Queue Management Algorithm
  • Performance Evaluation also Based Caching Algorithm
  • Fault Identification also Based Algorithm
  • Cache Replacement also Based Algorithm
  • Fuzzy Logic also Based Clustering Head Selection Algorithm
  • High Priority Algorithm
  • Artificial Bee Colony Clustering Algorithm
  • Firefly Algorithm
  • Multi-Path also Based Route Optimization Algorithm
  • An Effective Greedy Behavior Attack Detection Algorithm
  • Destination Sequenced Distance Vector Algorithm

Unique Characteristics of VANET

  • Unsurprising and High Mobility
  • Accurate Geographic Position
  • High Rapid Dynamic Topology
  • Network Security Element
  • And also in High Computational Power Capability

Current Research Areas, Issues, Challenges and Trends

  • Routing: Broadcast/Geo-Cast, Multicast and also Unicast
  • Security and Privacy Issues

                               -Thread Availability:

                                            –Broadcast Tempering Attack

                                            –Spam Message Attack

                                            –Denial Of Service Attack

                                            –Malware Attack

                                            –Black Hole Attack

                              -Thread Confidentiality

                              -Thread Authenticity:

                                           –Masquerading Attack

                                           –Replay Attack

                                           –GPS Spoofing Attack

                                           –Position Faking Attack

                                           –Message Tempering Attack

                                           –Message Fabrication Or Suppression Attack

                                           –Sybil Attack

  • Mobility Modeling
  • Applications and also in Technical Related Issues
  • Routing Protocols
  • Scalability Issues

Most Important Protocols in VANET

  • Connectivity Aware Minimum Delay Geographic Routing Protocol
  • Static-Node Assisted Adaptive Data Dissemination Protocol
  • A Distributed Broadcast Protocol
  • Geographic Routing Protocol
  • Control Channel Period (CCP Mac) Protocol
  • QoS Routing Protocol
  • V-TERADE Protocol
  • Moving Zone Routing Protocol
  • UMB Protocol
  • MHVB Protocol
  • AMB Protocol
  • Cluster Based Routing Protocol
  • And also in Adaptive Weight Clustering Protocol


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