Master Thesis Communication Projects Using MATLAB

Master Thesis Communication Projects Using MATLAB

               Master Thesis Communication Projects Using MATLAB shared a valuable bit of wisdom worldwide for your academic projects. Our research activities included various aspects of Communication Projects Using MATLAB like wireless communications and communication system based projects. Current master thesis communication projects comprise Matlab research on cooperative localization, massive MIMO systems, signal processing for wireless communications, and resource allocation in wireless networks.

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Communication Projects Using MATLAB

            Master Thesis Communication Projects Using MATLAB designed and carried out for students by groups of two or more students or a single person. We emphasize every project on a system-level perspective, and we also consider both algorithm development and implementation aspects also for an effective thesis It is defined as the process of transferring information over a distance by using a wired /wireless medium.  We also progress in new, spectrally efficient communication technologies such as multi-antenna wireless technology, embedded electronics, and wireless networks because these technologies serve wide-ranging applications from cellular to high-speed wireless networks. Students who are also interested in doing thesis in systems also using MATLAB come to us to find your topic matching with your specific interests.

Best Master Thesis Communication Projects Using Matlab Online Research Areas for Communication Using MATLAB

Antenna technology:
  • SISO systems (Single Input Single Output)

                                 -Bluetooth and also in television

  • SIMO systems (Single Input Multiple Output)
  • MI-SO systems (Multiple Input Single Output)
  • MIMO systems (also in Multiple Input Multiple Output)

                                 -WiFi (IEEE 802.11n)


                                 -4G and 5G

                                 -3GPP LTE systems

  • MU-MIMO systems (Multiple User-Multiple Input Multiple Output)



Embedded Electronics

  • Liquid Level controller 8051
  • Dual Converter (Thyristors)
  • RFID based liquid level controller
  • Moving object detection
  • Automatic door opening system
  • Finger vein recognition system
  • Autonomous agriculture robot
  • Gas leakage robot
  • And also in Line follower detector 8051

Wireless Networks

  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • And also in Neural Networks

Other research areas

  • Vehicle-to-vehicle and also infrastructure communication based on IEEE 802.11p
  • Energy efficient systems and also circuits for communications
  • Variation reliable and also tolerant systems
  • Low power and also robust memory design
  • OFDM full duplex link
  • Embedded memory design
  • Full custom digital design
  • Analog and also mixed signal design

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