Master Thesis Image Processing Projects

Master Thesis Image Processing Projects

                Master Thesis Image Processing Projects reveals by us for our students to find different real world applications of image processing. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to work in advanced image processing concepts with all types of version software’s. For our every student master thesis image processing projects, we also concentrate more on algorithms/techniques/research methodologies.

Digital image processing deals with images to enable advanced functionalities/operations during high-quality image capturing. The live face identification system is one of our current research areas in security and law enforcement applications. Let’s have a look also for a few most crucial concepts in image processing.

Most Crucial Concepts of Image Processing

  • Denoising, filtering techniques, gray level and spatial resolution, gray scale image complement, and also in color balancing, etc.
Image Restoration and Enhancement (Improves Inherent Information)
  • Pseudo coloring, contrast stretching, un-sharp masking, magnifying, sharpening, histogram equalization, also in contrast manipulation, background subtraction, white and also black pixel balance, Intensity scanning by line etc.
Image Storage, Acquisition, and Transmission
  • Digitalization, quantization, digitization, compression and also encoding and decoding
Image Recognition
  • Feature extraction and selection
Image Segmentation
  • Discontinuity and also similarity based approach
Image Result Analysis
  • Classification, interpretation, and also in similarity measurement

Master Thesis Image Processing Projects Online Image Processing Projects

                Master Thesis Image Processing Projects speak about how our services and offers would be exciting and interesting from the student environments. We also offer an international, dynamic and enthusiastic environment for master students who have working in master thesis image processing projects and also they can actively contribute in the research, in the sense that they can join for conferences (national/international) and also writing papers etc.

Before getting a master thesis image processing projects, just think about imagination also for the evolution of the image processing world. Numerous technologies are invented by various country researchers; we are also the ones among them. Our experience and also in knowledge are state our growth over the last ten years. Currently, we are also more active in researching master thesis image processing projects.

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High-Tech Development in Image Processing (State -of-The-Art Techniques Used):   

  • Medical imaging techniques used

                             -Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) also for low back pain, knee, bone etc.

                             -Computer Aided Detection (CAD) also for Mammography

                             -Endoscopic Ultrasound Imaging (also in Oesophageal cancer)

                             -Cancer Imaging (MRI, PET and also in CAD)

                             -Ophthalmic Imaging (automated software used and also in  ophthalmoscope)

                             -Lung CT analysis (lung cancer cell and also in nodule identification and classification)

                             -Brain Imaging (Disease detection, tissue and also aging growth)

                             -Kidney analysis (also in ultra sound imaging)

  • Oncology based functional imaging
  • Software development PET image processing

Research areas in Image Processing Projects:

  • 3-D Spatial Audio based Applications

                             -Multichannel audio

                             -Trans aural and also based on Binaural audio

                             -WFS and also in Ambisonics

                             -Hybrids of above systems

  • 3D Video based Applications

                             -3-D human motion analysis

                             -And also in 3D video denoising

  • Bio metrics based applications

                             -Voice and also face bio metrics

                             -Multi modal bio metrics fusion

                            -Other metrics fingerprint, knuckle print, iris, and also ECG

  • Blind Source Separation

                            -Convolute BSS

                            -Undetermined BSS

                            -Audio-Visual BSS

  • Coding and transmission

                            -Multi-view dissemination mechanism

  • 2D/3D/4D/5D facial analysis
  • Human Motion Analysis
  • Media Adaptation
  • Media-image acquisition
  • Media networking

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