Master Thesis LTE Projects for Students

    Master Thesis LTE Projects for Students created by us with the aim of providing standard and quality projects for students from all over the world. We have 150+ top experts who have knowledge in the field of LTE Networks. Our organization is certified with ISO 9001.2000, where we offer only quality LTE projects for students. We have implemented nearly 1000+ LTE projects with the complete support of our world-class engineers.

LTE is a current technology under research by various country researchers. In our concern, we are doing research on QoS Provisioning, QoS management, OFDMA technology, and other QoS concepts (Scheduling policy, RLC configuration, Queue management policy, and Rate shaping policy). Are you interested in doing LTE Projects? Just take a mobile phone, dial our numbers and make a call immediately. Our experts are eagerly waiting to serve you.

Thesis LTE Projects for Students

    Master Thesis LTE Projects for Students Transforms your ideas into research models/projects. We support students in all aspects of LTE Projects like area selection (Security, QoS, Queue management, Scheduling, etc.), topic selection, project development, coding implementation, manuscript/journal paper writing, and journal paper publication, thesis preparation, and conference paper writing..  In your Master’s Degree, Thesis Writing is an important research phase as it speaks to your complete contribution undertaken during the research.

Our thesis includes abstract, introduction, overall research methodology, literature review, problem formulation, techniques, algorithms and pseudocodes, data analysis, and findings, etc. Now, you have to go through our Master Thesis LTE Projects,

Master Thesis LTE Projects for Students Online Project Ideas for Master Thesis LTE Projects

  • Dynamic Multipoint Wireless Transmission
  • D2D and D2I Radio Resource Use Impact competing also in future cellular networks
  • Review on Delay Aware Joint Uplink/Downlink Scheduling
  • Middleware architecture and policies also for efficient flow assignment
  • Link-level simulations of 3-5G new air-interface key mechanisms
  • Sparse Code Multiple Access (SCMA) and also Filtered-OFDM (F-OFDM)
  • Altera FOGA on Polar Code
  • Latency in 5G and LTE/LTE-A
  • Radio Resource Management in 5G Networks also for M2M Applications
  • Protocol foundation of future 4G/5G wireless communications networks
  • Waveform design, Massive MIMO, PAPR reduction, and also Single Carrier Modulation
  • BER and PAPR Analysis also using UFMC Filters in 5G mm waves
  • Multiband Phone Antennas also for LTE Operations

LTE Major Operations

Scheduling in LTE
  • Schedulers in LTE
  • Resource Assignment
  • Control information of Scheduling
  • CQI Reporting
Network Management in LTE
  • Energy Management
  • SLA Management
  • Event Management
Handover and Roaming in LTE
  • Handover Neighbor Lists
  • And also in Handover Measurement
Power Save Operation in LTE
  • Short and also using Long DRX
  • DRX and also DTX
Massive MIMO in LTE
  • Single antenna
  • Closed loop with precoding
  • Closed-loop also with spatial multiplexing
  • Beam forming
  • Multi user MIMO
  • Open loop spatial multiplexing
  • Transmit Delivery

LTE QoS Parameters

  • End-to-End QoS
  • Guaranteed Bit Rate (GBR)
  • Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SINR)
  • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
  • Reference Signal Receive Quality (RSRQ)
  • Block Error Rate (BLER)
  • DL and UL Throughput
  • QoS Class Identifier (QCI)
  • Maximum Bit Rate (MBR)
  • Allocation and also Retention Priority (ARP)
  • All Non-GBRs Maximum Bandwidths (UE-AMBR)
  • And also in All Non-GBRs Maximum Bandwidths (APN-AMBR)

Other LTE Parameters

  • Scheduling Priority
  • Resource Type
  • Packet Delay Budget
  • And also in Packet Error Rate

Applications of LTE

  • Railway Signaling Systems
  • Patient Monitoring Systems
  • Deep Sea Water Probe applications
  • Mobile M2M applications
  • Traffic Safety Trends applications
  • Ara Phone or other customizable modular mobile phones
  • Web page browsing quickly
  • Share of mobile OTT applications maximization
  • Replaceable antennas also for temporary /cheap applications
  • Near Field Communications in defense and also space applications
  • Video streaming applications and also online gaming applications

Latest Thesis LTE Projects for Students Topics

  • UAV communication also based on Radio Channel Modeling over Cellular Networks
  • Machine Type Communications of Harmonizing Coexistence also with Wi-Fi Data Traffic under Frame based LBT
  • Design architecture for low noise amplifier also for LTE network radio base station receivers
  • Load adaptive throughput for maximizing preamble allocation also for prioritization in 5G Random access
  • Efficient Energy Management Framework also for LTE and LTE-Networks
  • User priority based cooperative resource allocation schemes in LTE railway also for Public safety and Coexisting railway networks
  • Two parasitic grounded strips also for WWAN/LTE Unbroken Metal Rimmed Smart Phones
  • Carrier aggregated LTE on adaptive QR decomposition processor in 28 nm FD- SOI
  • Adaptive and non-adaptive LTE fractional frequency reuse mechanisms in LTE and LTE-A networks
  • Cluster based Radio Channel Emulation also for Over the Automotive Wireless Systems
  • 2*2 MIMO system throughput estimation also with single feeder cable on LTE networks
  • Framework for Regressive QoE Model also for VoLTE
  • Fully integrated CMOS LTE band Tunable Power Amplifier Mechanisms
  • Interference analysis and channel Equalization also for Narrowband IoT Uplink LTE
  • Behavioral modeling also to extend the saleh model of Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers

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