Master Thesis MANET Routing Projects

Master Thesis MANET Routing Projects

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MANET Routing Projects

     Master Thesis MANET Routing Projects is one of our dedicated services started to offers a completely innovative and also original thesis content for students with our external guidance support. Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is also a hot research field of research undertaken by various country researchers and great scientists.

The major part of MANET is “Routing.” Due to some major constraints (mobility, security, and also QoS), Routing may not work properly in MANET. So in this article, we have also focused on MANET Routing Protocols, here as we emphasize research areas, research issues, routing protocols, and routing parameters.

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Master Thesis Manet Routing Projects Online Major Research Areas for Ad Hoc Networks

  • Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Aloha Mac Protocol also with MANETs
  • Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
  • Multi-hop Ad Hoc also using Networks
  • Smart Phone Ad Hoc Networks
  • Tactical/Military MANET also using in Applications
  • Internet also based on MANETs
  • Flying Ad Hoc Networks

Major Research Issues of Routing in Ad Hoc Networks

  • Scalability
  • Multipath Desirable
  • Self-configuring Nature
  • Low mobility
  • Low-energy consumption
  • Network traffic overflow
  • Security issues
  • High number of attacks also in network layer
  • Retransmission attempt
  • Loop freedom
  • Proactive operation
  • Demand also based on operation
  • Unidirectional link support
  • Sleep period operation
  • Multihop also using Routing
  • Latency of Route Discovery
  • QoS enable Routing
  • Route Security

Major Routing Protocols Used in MANET

Topology Based Routing Protocols:
-Proactive Routing Protocols:
    • Wireless Routing Protocol [also in WRP]
    • Fisheye State Routing [also in FSR]
    • Cluster Gateway Switch Routing Protocol [CGSR]
    • Destination Sequenced Distance Vector Routing Protocol [DSDV]
    • Optimal link State Routing Protocol [using also in OLSR]
-Reactive Protocols:
    • Associativity based Routing [AR]
    • Dynamic Source Routing [DSR]
    • Temporarily Ordered Routing Algorithm [TORA]
    • Ad Hoc On Demand Vector Routing [AODV]
    • Signal stability also based Adaptive Routing Protocol [SSAR]
-Hybrid Routing Protocols:
    • Zone based Hierarchical Link State Routing [ZHLSR]
    • Zone also based Routing Protocol [ZRP]
    • Sharp Hybrid Adaptive Routing Protocol [SHARP]
Broadcast Transmission Strategy Based Routing Protocols:
  • Position aware Reliable Broadcasting Protocol
  • Distributed Vehicular Broadcast Protocol
  • Density aware Reliable Broadcasting Protocol
  • Distributed Adaptive Distance also with Channel Quality
Multicast Transmission Strategy Based Routing Protocols:
  • Mobile just n time Multicasting Protocol
  • Robust Vehicular Routing
  • Cluster also for Open Inter Vehicles Communication
  • Cluster based on Directional Routing Protocol
  • Tree also based Multicasting Protocol
  • Mesh based on  also use Multicasting Protocol
  • Hybrid Multicasting Protocol
Parameters consideration for MANET Routing Protocols Design and Selection:
  • Free of Loops
  • Memory
  • Forwarding of Packets
  • Absence of a centralized control
  • Delay
  • Guaranteed Message Delivery
  • Optimal Path Selection
  • Overhead

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