Master Thesis Network Simulator Projects

Master Thesis Network Simulator Projects

                Master Thesis Network Simulator Projects gives you an idea about network simulator projects for your final year projects. Our experts are experts in both open source and commercial simulators; thus, we can offer students projects in any type of network simulator project.

In that, Our network simulator projects provide standard and 100% output guaranteed projects for your academic projects. Today, network simulators grow into a peak so that students prefer their projects in network simulation. The network is referred to as an operation that analyzes the network’s performance, and the best network simulation must meet all the QoS (quality of service) requirements. Over the last ten years, we have also developed 5000+ network simulator projects and serve them in 120+ countries worldwide.

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             Master Thesis Network Simulator Projects renovates your thoughts into your dream target. A thesis is one of the important requirements also for every master’s student from M.Phil/M.E/M.Tech and research scholars from MS/PhD because the thesis says the complete contribution of your research work.   The following are the major research areas that are also concentrated by us for master thesis projects students and scholars they are:

  • Mobile and also wireless communication
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Wireless Ad hoc Networks (MANET and also VANET)
  • Video streaming and Telecommunication
  • 3G, 4G and 5G wireless networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Smart metering infrastructure
  • WSN-Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Machine-to-Machine communication (also in M2M)
  • Social Sensor Networks (SSN)
  • WN-Wireless Network and also in network security
  • Embedded Operating systems
  • Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs)
  • Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs)
  • Network simulation

       In worldwide, more and also more network simulators are used for research works. Our experts also have a strong knowledge background in all types of network simulators. Here at we also have enumerated a few of the network simulators for your reference.

List of Network Simulators:

Open source Network Simulators:
  • Network Simulator 2
  • Network-Simulator 3
  • J-Sim
  • OMNet++
  • SSFNet
Proprietary Network Simulators:
  • QualNet
  • 20-Sim
  • AWEsim

Other Available Network Simulators:

  • GloMoSim
  • Swans and Jist
  • Physim, Optsim, and also Netsim
  • Cnet and GTNetS
  • Optisystem and also OpenPana
  • Cooja and TOSSIM
  • Veins, TranS, Kompics and PetriNet
  • NetKit, Marrionet, Itetris and Groovenet
  • Emstar, ATEMU, and Avrora
  • GNS-3 and IMUNES
  • Mininet and EstiNet
  • CloudSim and also based on CloudAnalyst
  • GreenCloud and icanCloud
  • EMUSIm and also in GroudSim
  • LTESim and also in Cloonix
  • Core and Psimulator2
  • Shadow and Onesim
  • Divert Traffic Simulator
  • mtCloudSim and YANS
  • PlanetSim and BigNetSim
  • NeSSi and also NEST
  • SNNS and P2P
  • MUFINS and also LENA
  • SimPy and also BRIAN
  • BioNSi and also ViSim
  • MSNS and JAVANNS etc.

Best Project Topics in Network Simulator Projects:

  • Network simulator and embedded OS also for smart grid applications
  • Multiple simulator interlinking also for network simulation
  • Content Switch also based on Network Processor
  • Content Switching Rules also for Switch Conflict Detection
  • Web cluster performance via web page rewrite
  • Protocol and Software support also for multipath routing
  • Content Delivery Network: Server location problem
  • Advanced network measurement techniques: bandwidth and also low overhead.

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