Master Thesis Ns2 Ns3 Comparison Projects

Master Thesis Ns2 Ns3 Comparison Projects

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Master Thesis Ns2 Ns3 Comparison Projects

  Master Thesis Ns2 Ns3 Comparison Projects provide you various platforms to improve thesis writing with world standard.We offer our customer with the most professional writing services of unmatched quality. We support both Ns2 and Ns3 network simulators based on our customer requirements and needs. Our expert’s thesis written work 100% meets your requirements and expectations in research. We tie-up with the standard universities and colleges to provide research guidance for students. We assure full satisfaction and quality of work guaranteed with our each and every single accomplished research work. Let’s see some of the research issues and feature comparison about Ns2 and Ns3

Research Issues / Benefits:


  • Ns2 comes closer to reality than other simulators
  • Ns2 contains the rich collection of models than others simulators
  • The memory usage performances of Ns2 linear growth of memory usage
  • Ns2 provides emulation functionalities and it can be used for parallel and distributed simulation.
  • A major shortcoming of Ns2 is limited scalability in terms of memory usage and simulation run-time that as new research domains in the field or computer networks
  • It the simulator has to come at no charge or the GUI is only optional, then NS2 is the right choice.


  • Ns3 is an active open source project and it is still under development
  • Construct simulations of computer networks using models of traffic generators, protocols such as TCP/IP
  • Ns3 simulator does not support the NS2 APIs, it is new simulator
  • Ns3 being the most efficient simulation tool in memory usage performances
  • Ns3 is capable of carrying out large-scale network simulations in an efficient way
  • Ns3 integrates architectural concepts and code from GTNetS.

Comparison of Ns2 and Ns3:


  • NS2 written in two major languages like C++ and OTCL
  • NS3 written in two major languages like C++ and Python

OS Platform:

  • Ns2: Windows, Linux
  • Ns3: Windows, Linux, Mac

Cost and Licenses:

  • Ns2: Free and open source GNU GPLv2 License
  • Ns3: Free and GNU (General Public License)

Network support type:

  • Ns2: Wired network, Wireless Ad-hoc mode, Wireless managed mode, Wired cum wireless and wireless sensor network
  • Ns3: Wired network, Wireless network and wireless sensor network

User interface:

  • Ns2 and Ns3 both supported command line interface


  • Ns2: Pure event base
  • Ns3: Low-level, users can mix and match between the simpler API

Recent Research Topics:

  • Electrical infrastructure using environment impact assessment
  • 5G using PoC of SCMA based uplink grant free transmission in UCNC
  • Credit card fraud detection using adversarial learning
  • Decision support system for residential wind turbine design
  • Safety critical automated driving applications using architecture pattern analysis and design
  • Image feature classification and recognition using projected pattern on three dimensional objects
  • Different coil configurations with 1-100MJ class SMES magnet design and comparison
  • Coflow aware scheduling in data center networks for achieving high link utilization
  • Minimum cost control of directed networks using boundary constraints
  • Improvements in user operations on project manager skill-up simulator using identification method
  • Combining unobtrusive sensors using detecting work stress in offices

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