MATLAB Projects for Master Thesis Students

MATLAB Projects for Master Thesis Students

     MATLAB Projects for Master Thesis Students is one of our services for Master students those who are pursuing M.E, M.Tech, MCA, M.Sc and many more. We have 150+ world-class engineers who familiar with MATLAB have ten years of experience. Now, our organization is standing us the world number one which offers only products for students. Due to extensive knowledge and experience, we have nearly completed 5000+ MATLAB Projects for Students.

Our Master Thesis provides you an overall idea about developing projects and writing a thesis in MATLAB. We also provide great support for students’ final year projects, project report/thesis writing, and research guidance, and especially in the thesis, we provide complete support to writing efficiently. For your MATLAB projects thesis writing, make a call. Our experts and professional writers guide you most properly.

Online Matlab Projects for Master Thesis StudentsProjects for Master Thesis Students

    MATLAB Projects for Master Thesis Students is our service offer for students and research scholars who explore in their research. We offer our complete guide for students to explore in their research. We always suggest our students work in real time applications in which we can also focus on both the aspect of the project that is practical implementation and theoretical implementation. Students, who also prefer MATLAB projects from us, approach us immediately.

Let’s see few major concepts in Image Processing based on which Master Thesis Students can choose their MATLAB projects,
  • Remote sensing – Geospatial Object Classification, Shadow Detection, Cloud Removal, and also Land Cover Changes Detection
  • Video Surveillance System – Foreground Subtraction, Activity Monitoring, and also Video Motion Tracking
  • Digital Imaging – Object Detection and Tracking, Compression, Watermarking, Optical Character Recognition and also Compression.
  • Medical Imaging – Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation, CT Lung Segmentation, Brain MRI Analysis, Heart Ventricle Segmentation, Kidney stone detection and also MRI Bone Segmentation, Biometric Authentication, and also Face Recognition.

      Students can choose real-time/simulation-based projects in MATLAB. We are also well prepared to help with both types of projects. We also provide the best precise guidance for your MATLAB Projects. To provide the best output results, we also must consider the major factor, i.e., Algorithm, which we used in our MATLAB Projects.

  • Thresholding Algorithm
  • Canny Edge Detection Algorithm
  • Filtering Algorithm
  • Transformation Methods
  • K-means and K-means++ Clustering Algorithm
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Gradient Magnitude Algorithm
  • Histogram Equalization
  • Neural Network Algorithms
  • Alarm Pixel Generation
  • Bayesian Classification
  • Decision Tree Algorithm
  • Region Growing Algorithm
  • Fuzzy C- Means Clustering Algorithm
  • Expectation Maximization Algorithm

Some Major Hybrid Algorithms

  • Genetic Algorithm also with Support Vector Machine
  • Deep Learning also with Fuzzy Logic
  • Type 2 Fuzzy Set also with GA
  • Neural Networks also with Fuzzy Logic
  • Convolutional Neural Networks also with Deep Learning
  • GA with Particle Swarm Intelligence
  • Simulated Annealing also with PSO/GA
  • GA also with Ant Colony Optimization
  • Double Deep-Q-Network also with ACO
  • Deep belief Network also with Fuzzy Logic
  • Support Vector Machine also with Artificial Neural Networks
  • Fuzzy sets with GA

Latest Topics of MATLAB for Master Thesis Students

  • Automatic Load Transfer Simulation and also Comparison of Critical Industrial Electrical Systems
  • Design a Simulation System also for Drone Lead Follow Control using MATLAB
  • MATLAB Simulink based Controlled Electric Drive Software Development
  • Analysis of OP-AMP design and Pole Zero Estimation also with Negative Miller Compensation
  • IEEE 802.11ac/ax WLAN technologies performance analysis also under the CFO
  • HIL applying also in the Ocean Renewable Energy Device Emulator
  • FMCW Radar Implementation also for Training Applications
  • Clocked comparators based low energy machine learning classifier also for direct inference on Analog Sensors
  • Nonlinear cell of Transmission Line Model Analysis also based on Volterra Series Approach
  • Harmonic mitigation approach also for single phase five level CHBMI with fundamental frequency switching
  • Piezoelectric Actuator Vibration Modeling also using Software Simulink