MATLAB Simulink Electrical Projects

MATLAB Simulink Electrical Projects

     MATLAB Simulink Electrical Projects provide you latest and innovative ideas to shine your research successfully. We have a research team with highly trained programmers and experienced professionals to guide you in research. And also we have completed nearly 7000+ MATLAB Projects also for our research scholars and students worldwide.

We also provide support for our customers through our 120+ branches in worldwide. Our popularity is reached at peak of mountains because of we also have got positive feedback from our customers about our standard work. We also organized many number of seminars, workshops and also faculty training program to expose our innovative ideas to the world. In that, We also tie-up with the authorized universities and also colleges in the aim of provide research guidance also for our students.

Matlab Simulink Electrical Projects Online HelpSimulink Electrical Projects

    MATLAB Simulink Electrical Projects offer you best platform to enhance your knowledge in research. We provide MATLAB Simulink project support for our students through our Electrical Projects service to attain a high degree of research success. Our ultimate aim is also to improve our electrical student’s academic grades and marks through our final year MATLAB Simulink Projects. We also give 100% assurance for the best quality of projects and precise research guidance at the end of your project completion.

Let’s see some of the important toolboxes and research topics for your reference,

Supported Simulink Toolboxes

Code Generation:
  • Fixed-point Designer
  • IEC certification kit
  • DO qualification kit
  • Simulink coder
  • Embedded coder
  • Simulink PLC coder
  • Vision HDL toolbox
  • And also in HDL coder
Testing and Simulation for Real Time:
  • Simulink desktop real time
  • And also in Simulink real time
Simulation Graphics and Reporting:
  • Simu-link 3D animation
  • Simulink report also generator
Test, Verification and Validation:
  • HDL verifier
  • Simulink test
  • Simu-link design verifier
  • Simulink validation and also verification
  • Polyspace code prover
  • Polyspace bug finder
  • And also in Simulink code inspector
Physical Modeling:
  • Simscape fluids
  • Sim-scape power electronics
  • Simscape multibody
  • Sim-scape driveline
  • Simscape electronics
  • And also in Simscape
Wireless Communications and Signal Processing:
  • RF blockset
  • Computer vision toolbox
  • DSP toolbox
  • Audio system toolbox
  • Communication toolbox
  • And also in Phased array system toolbox
Control System:
  • Aerospace blockset
  • Powertrain blockset
  • Simulink control design
  • Simulink design optimization
  • And also in Robotics system toolbox

Recent Research Areas in Simulink

  • Vehicle controls logic
  • 4G to 5G migration (wireless technology and also design ecosystem)
  • Flip flop design
  • Link robots to surveillance teams
  • Self-sustained multi sensor platform (environmental monitoring)
  • Improving reliability and also efficiency of green energy
  • Social inequalities also based of voice technologies
  • Environment-friendly solar cells
  • Emerging new patterns also for temperature changes
  • Enzyme function inhibits battery ageing
  • Transition also from carbon energy sources (bio economy)
  • Novice trouble modeling
  • IBC bifacial also based on solar module

Recent Research Topics

  • MATLAB simulink stateflow also for an educational toolbox on supervisory control theory
  • Simulink software  also for vibration modelling of piezoelectric actuator (PEA)
  • Electric drive software development also using MATLAB and simulink based control
  • Timing aware blocks in simulink also for simulating preemptive scheduling
  • Model based analysis of cyber physical systems also using PVS simulink integrated environment
  • Simulink also for implementation of indoor visible light communication system
  • Simulink models also using search based testing and prediction models using improving fault localization
  • Point to point control of a 3 DOF robot manipulator also using analysis of a proposed algorithm
  • Automatic load transfer of critical industrial electrical systems also for comparison and simulation
  • Novel five level inverter topology for design and also implementation
  • Induction motor core and copper losses also for investigation of voltage and frequency
  • Renewable energy in a micro grid also for the impact storage on the stability
  • Three phase direct matrix converter also using efficient implementation on space vector PWM

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