MATLAB Thesis Projects

MATLAB Thesis Projects

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Let’s have the knowledge about MATLAB research areas,

MATLAB Research Areas

  • Image Processing [Digital Signal Processing, Disease Diagnosis, Human Organ Monitoring, and Medical Imaging]
  • Artificial Intelligence [Knowledge Representation, Data mining, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Deep Learning, Genetic Algorithm and Soft Computing]
  • Bioinformatics and Health Informatics [Detect Heart Attack, Sleep Quality and Stress, Human Centered Design Interventions, Network Analytics, Text Analytics, Healthcare Systems Engineering and Machine Learning]
  • Social and Community Informatics [Community Information Technology, Geo-Spatial Activity Awareness, Digit Inequality, Location Sensitive Mobile Applications, and Crowd Sourcing for Citizen Science]
  • Visualization and Information Fusion [Knowledge Creation, Human Decision Making, Information Infrastructure, and Pattern Recognition]
  • Big data: Analytics, Retrieval, Informatics and Modeling [Scalable Machine Learning, Big Data Privacy And Security, Information Retrieval and Search, Discovery Informatics, Semantic Complex Event Processing, Heterogeneous Data, and Discovery Informatics]

Other Research Interest

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Vehicular Communications
  • Network and also Protocol Engineering
  • Next Generation of WiMAX
  • Wireless Multimedia Networks
  • Cross layer architecture also for wireless networks
  • Layered multimedia Multicast Protocols
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Bio-inspired communications systems

MATLAB Thesis Concepts

Image Processing:
  • Assistive Cloth Pattern Recognition
  • Fragile/Semi-Fragile, Robust And also Blind Watermarking
  • License Plate Detection
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Activity Monitoring System
  • Drowsiness Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Breast Cancer Detection
  • Brain Tumor Segmentation
  • Knuckle Print Identification
  • Intelligence Transportation
  • Kidney Stone Identification
  • Dietary Assessment
  • Heart Ventricle Segmentation
  • MRI Bone Segmentation
  • Land Cover Changes Detection
  • Reversible Data Hiding
  • Image, Audio, And also Video Steganography
  • Cotton Leaf Disease Identification
  • Rice Growth Monitoring
  • And also in Leaf Type Detection
Digital Signal Processing:
  • WSN life time maximization
  • Multiuser MIMO Interference
  • Dynamic Channel Assignment
  • Regret Matching in Sensor networks
  • VLSI design for fast, and also binary image processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • VHDL systems design
  • Adaptive and also in Spatial filtering
  • Frequency and also in spatial methods of Transformation
MATLAB Simulation:
  • Discrete Event Systems simulation
  • Frame based and also in sample based processing
  • Sparse and also in full linear algebra
  • Local and also in global solvers
  • Fixed step solvers and also in Variable step solvers
  • Implicit and explicit solvers
  • Event location and also in detection
  • Bounded, unbounded and also in fixed cost simulation

Latest MATLAB Thesis Topics

  • Analysis the results of Multiple access channel simulation also in multi static space time frequency
  • ADMS MATLAB/Simulink co-simulation and also Kinematics modeling for aerobridge docking process automation
  • Line balancing U-shaped model also with an uncertain time of all tasks
  • Hysteresis modeling and also simulation of magnetorheological pin joints using sigmoid function
  • Adaptive de-cubing automatic processing generation also for object manufacturing lamination
  • Kinematic modeling framework of soft material robots integrating finite element analysis and also piecewise constant curvature kinematics
  • 5DOF robot manipulator modeling, simulation and also trajectory using CATIA and MATLAB
  • A Probabilistic GUI and also time variant sensor accuracy model in Aerospace Applications
  • Speech recognition technology also based on an interactive web based circuit design and also analysis interface for disabled students
  • Distributed Array System Analysis also for Satellite Acquisition

         Students can also take anyone the research topic, which we have listed above. Otherwise, you can join us; we also will assist you in the best way we can. If you want more ideas about your MATLAB projects or thesis, let’s discuss them with us 24/7.