MSc Computer Science Thesis Topics

MSc Computer Science Thesis Topics

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MSc Computer Science Thesis Topics Online HelpComputer Science Thesis Topics

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Let’s see some of the important aspects of NS2 simulation that are as follows,

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 –“NS2 is an open-source event-driven simulator designed specifically also for research in computer communication networks. Let’s see some of the important aspects in NS2 also for your reference,

NS2 Simulation Tool

  • Variety of IP networks also to provides simulation environment
  • It is used before new network protocol also has been evaluated
  • It is not possible also for real experiments while used to run large scale experiments
  • Simulate (Ad hoc, wireless sensor network etc.) wireless networks and also wired networks
  • Evaluating existing protocols performance

Support Language and Tools

  • Tools support like NAM, Xgraph, AWK, also Trace graph
  • Supported language [C++ and also OTCL]

Research Areas in NS2

  • LTE networks
  • Under sensor and also visual network
  • Software defined networks
  • Multi casting communication
  • Video streaming applications
  • Distributed and also parallel systems
  • 4G and also 5G networks
  • Wireless security
  • Vehicular Ad hoc networks [VANET]
  • Mobile wireless networks
  • Cryptography and also network security
  • Protocols and also wired networks
  • WLAN, Wi-Fi and also Wi-Max
  • Mobile sensor networks
  • Mobile Ad hoc networks [MANET]
  • And also Internet of things [IOT]

Recent Research Topics in NS2

  • Non-profit organizations also for developing design capability
  • Truncated nuclear norm regularization also for motion capture data completion
  • Systems engineering and plant modelling also for bridging the gap across management
  • Unknown tag identification in large scale RFID systems also using efficient physical layer
  • Satellite tracking station also using technology and branding
  • Technically and human centered dimensions integrating also for scope of design knowledge
  • Hyperspectral unmixing and its code vectorization also using stepwise analytical projected gradient descent search
  • Deduplication in cloud computing also for heterogeneous data storage management
  • Future IOT applications using secure signature also based authenticated key establishment scheme
  • Acceptance of a cloud data access control system also based on reputation using game theoretical analysis

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