Network Security Project Ideas

Network Security Project Ideas

      Network Security Project Ideas provide creative platform for you to create an orbit of research with the help of our dedicated professionals in all around the world. We began our service with the mission of serve students and research community. And also We provide newfangled ideas for you to develop knowledge also for your worldwide achievements.

Our professionals refreshes their mind in upcoming technologies, advanced research concepts and also research areas, latest development of applications to provide best of best also for you to excel in your future. On these days, wide ranges of scholars are also utilizing our incredible Network Project Ideas service from world’s each and also every corners.  We also provide money back guarantee also for our students and research colleagues who are utilizing our marvelous service from our 50+ branch in all over the world. For further information, you can also approach our professionals via live chat or phone call.

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  • Provide Implementation Plan also for Project Implementation
  • Training for Real-Time Projects
  • Customized Project Report
  • Review-wise PPT Presentation Support
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Security Project Ideas

      Network Security Project Ideas provide highly innovative ideas for you to know about global research knowledge for your network security projects. And also We achieve aggressive growth to provide knowledge revolution among worldwide level students and research scholars. We also provide complete autonomous for you to chosen desired programming languages, tools and software.

Today, majority of students and also research scholars get network security projects from our research institution in various programming languages and research areas. Network security is also a dedicated field in computer networking technology to product computer infrastructure from network hackers. Nearly, we are accomplished thousands of network security projects in various research areas internet of things, also Wi-Fi, WI-MAX, RFID networks.

Let’s have a glance over some of the information about network security.

Research Areas in Network Security

  • Cloud Computing and also Federated Cloud
  • Over Relay Networks and also Peer to Peer Networks
  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Multi-Hop Wireless Networks (Ad Hoc, Sensor, Mesh, RFID and also Vehicular Networks)
  • Single Hop Wireless Networks (Wi-MAX and also Wi-Fi)
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Smart Grid, Distribution/Delay Tolerant and also Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Social Networks and also Internet of Things
  • Ubiquitous and also Pervasive Computing

Latest Information Forensic Methodology

  • Data Authentication
  • Data Analysis
  • USB Analysis
  • Data Acquisition
  • System Usage Timeline
  • Network PCAP Analysis
  • OCR Graphic Format (also Text Indexing)
  • Extract Mail
  • Fuzzy Hash (also Partial Matches)
  • OCR

Mobile Based Information Forensics and Security

  • Internet Evidence Finder also for iPhone Forensics Analysis
  • iPhone Data Acquisition
  • SIM Cloning
  • CASIA FASD (Face Anti Spoofing Database)
  • MSU USSA (Unconstrained Smartphone Spoof Attack) also Database
  • MSU MFSD (Mobile Face Spoofing Database)
  • SIM Card Anatomy
  • SIM Data Acquisition
  • Andriller also for Forensic Analysis of SQLite Database
  • MOBILedit also for Android Logical Acquisition
  • ADB Tool also for Android Logical Acquisition

Network Security Tools and Software

  • Wireshark
  • Matlab MPI
  • Aircrack
  • CAINE (Computer Aided Investigation also Environment)
  • Zenmap
  • HEtest
  • EXATA[C++]
  • Spyglass
  • BitPim
  • NeSSi2
  • Symantec
  • SANS Investigative Forensics also Toolkit

Latest Topics for Network Project Ideas

  • Multi-Objective Optimization also for Efficient Gas Pipeline Recovery from Distribution
  • Optimal Power Allocation and also Maximum Secrecy Rate in MISOME Wiretap Channel with Multi Assisting Jammers also for Secure Transmission
  • Methodology and Virtual Machine Platform also for Network Data Investigation with Security Visualization and also Intrusion Detection System
  • Data Management Research Issues and Challenges also for Large Scale Petrochemical Plants in Internet of Things
  • Completely Exhausted Silicon-on-Insulator Variable Capacitors also for Passive Wireless Radiation Detector Demonstration
  • Secure Consensus Control for Communication Delays and also Attacks in Multi-agent Systems
  • Honey-pot Technology Based Sophisticated Analyzing Framework and High-Scalable & Distributed also WAN Network Attack Sensing
  • Improved Network Constrained UC Model also for Incentive Based DR Loads Financial Profitability and also Operation Cost in Leveraging Systems
  • Stochastic Multi Objective Framework also for Energy Storage System Optimal Scheduling in Microgrid
  • Downlink Heterogeneous Cellular Network’s Multi Antenna Transmission under Threshold also Based Mobile Association Policy

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