Network Simulations in QualNet

Network Simulations in QualNet

            Network Simulations in QualNet offer miraculous service with dream of provide highly traditional and uptrend of projects to our students and research associates (B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech and Ph.D). In this present world, a wide range of students and scholars are excited to select top quality and high-graded network simulation-based projects to accomplish their intellectual projects and inspiring research with grand achievements

Our brilliants implement 5000+ latest tendency and real-time projects in QualNet for our students from various motherlands in the world. For your splendid scholastic research and projects, we also provide more guidance and also support for you everlastingly.

Online Network Simulations in Qualnet ProjectsSimulations in QualNet

           Network Simulations in QualNet provide highly sophisticate projects to offer ground-breaking and revolutionary ideas for your highly intellectual projects and research by our trend update knowledge. QualNet is commercial software with a set of inclusive tools and a wide range of components that make it trouble-free for modellers to improve and evaluate present networks through the speedy model setup and comprehensive analysis tools.

Our highly-skilled developers develop highly critical and complicated applications using simple code with the use of ultramodern algorithms and enhance techniques and protocols. Now, we also thrash out about benefits, components, and directories in QualNet.

Most Important Benefit of QualNet

  • QualNet can take great benefit of parallel computing structural design to support vast array of nodes and also faster modeling.
High Speed:
  • QualNet permits network emulation, hardware-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop and also human-in-the loop implements which also support faster and real-time compared to other real-time simulation speed.
  • QualNet supports/ runs on an immeasurable range of platforms such as Windows XP, Solaris, MAC OS X Operating Systems, Linux, distributed & Parallel Architecture and also more in both 32-bit and 64-bit computing.
Model Fidelity:         
  • QualNet also provides highly comprehensive models for all network features to provide exact modeling results, activity of network and also allow wide range of protocols analysis.
  • QualNet can also easily connect with other software and hardware applications including real networks, OTB and also STK.

Major Components of Qualnet

  • QualNet Animator/ Developer
  • Qual-Net Scenario Designer
  • QualNet Protocol Designer
  • Qual-Net Analyzer
  • QualNet 3D Visualizer
  • Qual-Net Simulator
  • QualNet Packet Tracer
  • Qual-Net Command Line Interface
  • QualNet Importer

Directory Structures in QualNet

  • /addons: It develop as tradition and also alternative features for specific customers
  • /application: It is use for traffic generator and application layer protocols
  • /bin: Executable, configuration and other runtime file .stat files
  • /data: It is supplementary data files for antenna configuration, wireless libraries, modulation schemes, experiments and utility programs.
  • /contributed: This models given to QualNet customers
  • /gui: It is a visual set of toolset with an extensive collect as well as java class files, icons and GUI configuration
  • /kernel: It is QualNet Kernel Objects use in built process
  • /mac: It is use for MAC layer protocols
  • documentation: release notes, user guidance and more
  • /mobility: It is use for mobility models
  • /phy: It is use for physical layer models
  • /network: It is use for routing and network layer protocols
  • /tcplib: It is use for trace based applications
  • /interface: It is a code for interface QualNet to external networks (STK, HKA or IP)
  • /transport: It is use for transport layer protocol such as TCP, UDP, SMTP, SFTP, RSVP etc
  • /libraries: It is a coding for model libraries including, multimedia and enterprise, wireless and developers
  • /lib: It is a software libraries use in build process
  • /include: It is a QualNet kernel header files
  • /scenarios: sample setups
  • /user3: It is an interface for inserting user defined protocols
  • /license_dir: It required licensing files and license libraries for built process
  • /main: It is use for make-files and kernel source files (framework source code)
  • /verification: It is output to verify accuracy of protocol
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