Network Simulator Master Thesis in Egypt

Network Simulator Master Thesis in Egypt

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Simulator Master Thesis in Egypt

           Network Simulator Master Thesis in Egypt provide extremely prepared and highly sophisticated research thesis with our state-of-art and also inventive ideas. Network simulator version-2 (NS2) is an event packet and open-source simulation tool to provide large support for simulating multicast & IP protocols, routing on wireless and wired networks.  We also implement a wide range of projects in the diverse research area. Now, we also discuss the simulation of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Wireless Ad Hoc Networks are decentralized and highly dynamic wireless networks represented by the nonexistence/ absence of any physical infrastructure. In most wireless ad hoc networks, the nodes are calculated to access public wireless medium, frequently also shared result in a collision. Wireless ad hoc networks can also categorize by their applications. There are,

  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks- MANETs
  • Wireless Sensor Networks- WSNs
  • And also Wireless Mesh Networks- WMNs
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: (MANETs)

        MANET is an imminent network technology that frequently uses miscellaneous self-ruling node devices to arrange themselves in different ways and activate without any centralized network administration. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks are classified into different types. There are,

  • Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Internet Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Smart Phone Ad Hoc Networks
Here, we provided some of the research challenges in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
  • Routing
  • Addressing
  • Location management
  • Interoperability
  • Configuration management
  • High capacity wireless technology
  • Limited range of wireless transmission
  • Packet damages- transmission error
  • Limitation on mobile device- battery constraints
  • Insecure mobility- packet losses
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: (VANETs)

     VANET is a technology that is one of the most research areas used for communication between vehicles and road equipment. Intelligent Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks are artificial intelligence networks to help vehicles also act in a smart manner throughout a vehicle-to-vehicle accident. Below, we mentioned very few key challenges, algorithms, and protocols in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks for you.

  • Control network connectivity between vehicles and also network frameworks
  • Cognitive MAC also for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (CMVANETs) algorithm
  • Greedy based traffic aware routing algorithm
  • Safety oriented applications:

             -Electronic break fault warning

             -Vehicle stability warning

             -Connection violation warning

             -Track change warning

             -And also On coming traffic warning

Internet Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: (IMANETs)

                IMANET is an upcoming technology that links the self-directed system of mobile nodes and fixed internet gateway nodes that can also work in individuals or connected with the internet

Smart Phone Ad Hoc Networks: (SPANs)

        SPAN is implementing a well-designed mobile ad hoc mesh network to create peer-to-peer networks without also controlled by wireless access points, cellular delivery service networks, traditional network communications, etc

Wireless Sensor Networks: (WSNs)

      WSN is a wireless technology group of the distributed self- governing sensor with a communication infrastructure to monitor and record diverse location and physical conditions/ parameters, including sound, humidity, pressure, temperature, vibration intensity, etc.

  • An effective parking lots also flood attentive system
  • An efficient and also sustainable information collector system- from wireless sensor network to cloud
  • Advanced Framework also for Enable machine to machine communication services
Wireless Mesh Networks: (WMNs)

      WMN is a communication network that is also created throughout wireless access point connection to make up of radio nodes structured in a mesh topology, including mesh clients, gateways, and mesh routers. Now, we provided some of the wireless mesh network applications also for your better understanding.

  • An efficient approach also for avoid battery overtiredness attack
  • Detect mitigate soft errors also in network on chip architecture using runtime techniques
  • Industrial control applications also using cross layer optimization
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