Network Simulator Master Thesis in India

Network Simulator Master Thesis in India

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           Network Simulator Master Thesis in India is our awesome and breathtaking service to offer groundbreaking research with very much standardized thesis for our research fellows and students.We offer miscellaneous of NS2 based projects in numerous of most modern research areas. For your better understanding, we provide a simple idea about underwater sensor network research.

Underwater Sensor Network is a network of self-ruling sensor nodes that circulated underwater to sense water related properties (pressure, quality, and temperature). It is an emerging technology for underwater exploration with exceedingly tiny micromechanical sensor technology having intelligent computing, smart sensing, and potential communication. Here, we offer more details about underwater sensor networks.

Key Challenges and opportunities in water area sensor networks

  • Un-scalability
  • Strictly limited bandwidths only available and low data rate
  • Random underwater environment
  • Unreliable information
  • Different channel characteristic such as fading and multipath problems, lengthy and changeable broadcast delays
  • Complicated network design and deployment
  • Required novel protocols
  • Limited batter power capacity (solar power can’t exploited)
  • Prone to failures because of its corrosion, fouling etc
  • High bit error rates (inaccuracy)

Major Underwater Sensor Network Based Applications

Underwater Wireless Sensor Based Monitoring Applications:

     Underwater Monitoring is a collection of network sensors used to monitor the underwater environment, properties, characteristics, or other interesting objects. This monitoring application can further be classified into,

-Habitat Monitoring
  • Monitoring quality of water
  • Quality monitoring application very from monitoring inland waterway quality to ocean
-Water Quality Monitoring
  • It deal with study of any living organism environment i.e. natural sciences
  • This application can be classified into

                 -Underwater plants Monitoring

                 -Fish Farm Monitoring

                 -Marine Life Monitoring

                 -Coral Reef Monitoring

-Underwater Monitoring Explorations
  • Huge amount of minerals present in underwater (Oil, Gas etc)
  • It can be used to discover costly resource and also monitor cables and pipeline
  • That are further classified into,
                 -Pipeline and cables monitoring applications (oil and gas)
                 -Exploration of Natural Resource
Underwater Sensor Based Disaster Forecasting and Management Applications
  • It relatively events monitoring which exacerbate disasters aftermath
  • Complete monitoring of vast area of water is more challenging task also with occasionally cruel conditions
  • Monitoring application can also be formulated into diversity of applications. Such as,

                 -Underwater Earthquakes (Tsunamis)

                 -Underwater Volcanic Eruptions


Underwater Sensor Based Military Applications
  • It considers different sensor to be deployed also for identifying various aspects of military applications
  • Different sensors including, imaging sensor, cameras and also metal detector used to assist in discovering,

                -Security Ports

                -Underwater Mines



Underwater Sensor Based Assisted Navigation Based Applications
  • Environment of underwater is really unexplored, uneven, dark and also accidental
  • In this situation, assistance need for boats, shots, vessels, explorers and also swimmer
  • The assistive navigation technologies and applications can be used in water to locate, guide and also navigate.
Underwater Sensor Based Sports Based Applications
  • There are extensive range of applications exist also for underwater based sports
  • These types of applications also used to monitor a swimmer and multiple Swimmer performance underwater.
  • Performance: communicate to coach and also other swimmers simultaneously

Major Protocols used in Underwater Sensor Networks

  • Noise Intensity also Based Aware Routing Protocol
  • An Advanced Mobility Aware also Based Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocol
  • Hybrid Multi Channel Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocol
  • An Efficient Novel Forwarding Protocol
  • Clustering Based Efficient Energy and also Balanced Energy Consumption Routing Protocol
  • A Delay Aware Probability Medium Access Control Protocol
  • Hybrid TDMA- CSMA Based MAC Protocol
  • An Advanced AUV Aided Energy Efficient also Based Routing Protocol (AAEERP)
  • Depth Based Energy Balanced Hybrid (DB EBH) Routing Protocol
  • Sink Mobility Incremental Cooperative also Based Routing Protocol
  • Stochastic Medium Access Control Protocol
  • Schedule also Based Multi Channel Medium Access control Protocol
  • An Advanced MACA also Based Power Control Medium Access Control Protocol
  • A Localized Load Adaptive also Based Medium Access Control Protocol

      We previously mentioned major challenges/opportunities and applications in underwater sensor networks with protocols widely used in our underwater sensor research areas.

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