Network Simulator Ns2 Master Thesis

Network Simulator Ns2 Master Thesis

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Network Simulator NS2 Master Thesis Online GuidanceSimulator Ns2 Master Thesis

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Important Research Areas in Ns2

  • Cognitive radio network
  • Mobile ad hoc network
  • Space optical network
  • Protocol development
  • Vehicular ad hoc network
  • Underwater sensing systems
  • PAN communications
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Network privacy and security
  • Mobile computing
  • Wireless computing
  • QOS enhancement
  • MAC layer performance
  • Distributed and parallel systems
  • Underwater acoustic sensor networks
  • Wireless sensor networks testbed
  • WLAN / Wimax /Wi-Fi
  • Terrestrial wireless sensor networks
  • Body area network
  • Wireless spectrum sensor network

Major Recent Research Topics

  • Future IoT applications using secure signature also based authenticated key establishment scheme
  • Future IoT applications also using secure signature based authenticated key establishment scheme
  • Stability and bifurcation analysis also for TCP with virtual queue management policies
  • Improve the reliability of shuffle exchange networks also using novel resource scheduling approach
  • MANET for performance comparison also for AODV, ZRP and AODVDR protocols
  • WSNs also using efficient mobile sink path selection approach
  • NS2 simulator also for analysis of multimedia traffic in the MPLs network
  • Forwarding attack on WSN also for performance analysis of detection technique
  • Virtualized data center also using hypervisor based generic IP congestion control
  • Average end to end delay also for comparative study of multicasting protocols based
  • Monitoring greenhouse also using cooperative communication enabled wireless sensor network

       We also hope that the aforesaid information is adequate to get a crisp idea about Network Thesis. Apart from the NS2 simulator, we also provide additional support for network simulators like NS3, OMNET++, OPNET, MININET, etc. Please let us know if you also have any questions or need any additional information. Our professionals are also eagerly waiting for communication with you.

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