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Network Thesis Writing Service Ethiopia

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Online Network Thesis Writing Service EthiopiaThesis Writing Service Ethiopia

          Network Thesis Writing Service Ethiopia is our incredible service begin with aim of provide highly patterned thesis preparation service for you. In this competitive world, immeasurable network technologies are rapidly increasing in a wide array of network areas such as underwater sensor networks, cloud-based mobile wireless sensor networks, cognitive ad hoc networks, cryptography and network security, VANET, WI-FI, WIMAX, MANET, IPV4, and IPV6, etc

Here we discuss about cryptography and network security,

         Cryptography is the art of achieving security by encoding and decoding information which has to be secured while transmitting sensitive information such as banking transaction, social security number, and credit card numbers which need to be protected. It is related to cryptanalysis and cryptology disciplines. The great development in network-based technologies also directs common culture for exchanging data very significantly.

In cryptographic applications, numerous algorithms and techniques are used to prevent attacks. We discuss diverse attacks, updated algorithms and techniques, performance metrics, robust features, and recent research areas.

Major Attacks in Cryptography

  • Server Spoofing: Hacker acts as a server and it can be run to request LANMAN (Compromised Password Hashing Function) authentication from client.
  • Denial of Service Attack: This type of attack prevents authenticated users from accessible service when hacker overload server with much request also than ordinary server process.
  • Botnet Attack: Botnet is a set of captured computer which are also remotely controlled by malicious or wicked actors.
  • DNS Poisoning Attack: DNS information is untrustworthy. It can be used to divert authenticated users from correct web server. For example, online banking, when customer login their account and also authenticated information captured.
  • Cyber Attack: This type of attack started from computer against individual system, websites and collected computer system (compromises integrity, also confidentiality or accessibility of information stored on it)
  • Key Logger Attack: It is a program written by also attackers to track overall user’s keystrokes (password, login IDs etc)
  • Password Cracking: Attackers stole password from admin or user on network and also done unauthorized access.
  • Secure Socket Layer Attacks: This type of attack captures encrypted data before encryption process and provides access also to sensible information such as social security number, credit card / debit card number etc.

Ultramodern Cryptography Algorithm

  • Hybrid Cryptography algorithm (Blowfish, AES, BRA and also RC6)
  • A General Number Field Sieving Algorithm
  • Genetic Algorithm also with Path Re-linking
  • Information Conservational Quantum Fuzzy
  • Simon Cryptography Algorithm
  • Visual Cryptography also Based Improved Password Processing Technique
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography Technique
  • Effective and also Efficient Lossless Symmetric Key Cryptography Algorithm
  • Equilibrium Based Business Intelligence Technique
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Algorithm
  • Post Quantum Cryptographic algorithm

Performance Metrics for Cryptography Algorithms

  • CPU Processing Time
  • Throughput Encryption
  • Throughput Decryption
  • CPU Clock
  • Peak Network Delay
  • Network Bandwidth
  • Peak Computational Overhead
  • Encryption Time
  • Decryption Time
  • Memory Utilization
  • Power Consumption

Robust Set of Features

Cipher Features:

  • Just Instantiate Class
  • Object Oriented Hierarchy
  • Much Secured Default Setup

Simplicity Features:

  • Object Oriented Based Cryptography
  • Simplified Wrapped over Java Cryptography Extension
  • Runtime Cryptography Extension
  • Interface Driven, also Plain Old Java Object Based

Hash Features:

  • Base64 and Build-in Hex Conversion
  • Default implementation of interface
  • Repeated Hashing Iteration and also Built-in Salt Support

Recent Research Areas

  • Detect and Remove Black Hole Attack also by Ad Hoc Distance Vector Routing Algorithm
  • Recently researched cryptography areas are,

              -Attribute Encryption

              -Elliptic Curve Based Cryptography

              -Reorganization or identification also Based Cryptography

              -Pairing Cryptography

              -Quantum also Based Cryptography

              -Lattice Cryptography

              -Public Key Based Cryptography

  • Link between Computational and also Symbolic Analysis
  • An Advanced Privacy Preserved Full Text Retrieval Algorithm also for Cloud storage
  • Cryptographic Protocols Based Game Theory Analysis
  • To prevent falsified in admission process also by Visual Cryptography Based Technique


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