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Network Thesis Writing Service Oman                   

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Thesis Writing Service Oman

       Network Thesis Writing Service Oman offer universally dedicated thesis preparation service for you to finish your admirable research with the high achievements in academic world. Currently, there are also enormous of networking technologies are rapidly growing in this modern world. Networking is essential for modern computing to interconnect data centers from cell phone connection to huge cloud storage. Networking Technology stands for Tele-Information system (Radiology Information System), Tele-Transaction System (Electronic Data Interchanging (EDI)) and Tele-Conversation System (video conferencing and electronic mail). Let us discuss about also in recent networking technologies and networking mechanism.

Recent Networking Based Technologies

  • Temporospatial SDN also for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mesh and Internet Backhaul Network
  • Wi-Fi Pairs also with Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)
  • Cloud Fabric Technology
  • Software Defined Networking and also in Network Function Virtualization for Network Virtualization and also Automation
  • NFV and Coexistence also with Legacy Networks
  • Lightweight Collaborative Mechanism also for Software Defined Network (SDN) Controllers (LCMSC)

Foremost Mechanisms Used in Networking

  • Clustering Technique
  • Neighbor Discovery
  • Transport Protocols
  • Detection and also Prevention of Attack
  • Queuing Protocols
  • Encryption Technique
  • Cluster Head Selection Technique
  • Medium Access Control Layer Protocols
  • Network Related Algorithms
  • Vertical or Horizontal also Based Handover Mechanism
  • Routing Mechanism
Here, we provided some of the routing mechanisms for your reference

Major Routing Mechanisms

Energy Efficient Based Routing:
  • Depth Based Routing (DBR) Protocol
  • In Depth Based Multi Hop Routing (DBMR) Protocol
  • An Efficient Hop by Hop Vector also Based Forwarding (HH-VBF) Protocol
  • Antimicrobial Use and also Resistance (AUR) Protocol
  • Fitness also Based in Routing Protocol (FRP)
  • Geographic also Based in Neighbor Investment Routing (NIR) Protocol
  • Under Water Sensor Networks also Based (UWSN) Routing Protocol
Mobility Based Routing:
  • An Efficient Directional Flooding Based Routing (EDFR) Protocol
  • Vector Forward Based Routing (VFR) Protocol
  • Temporary Cluster Based Routing (TCBR) Protocol
  • Reliable and also Energy Balanced Based Routing (REBAR) Protocol
  • Virtual Address Resolution Protocol (VARP)
Delay Time Based Routing:
  • Minimum Power Routing (MPR) Protocol
  • Optimized Link State Routing Protocol
  • Information Carrying also Based on routing Protocol (ICRP)
  • Distributed Energy Aware Routing Protocol (DEARP)
  • Under Water Hybrid Sensor Network also Based in Routing Protocol(UW-HSN)
  • Distributed Underwater Clustering Scheme Routing Protocol (DUCS)
  • Hop by Hop Dynamic Addressing also in Based (H2-DAB) Routing Protocol
Location Based Routing:
  • Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP)
  • Energy Efficient Shortest Path Routing Protocol (EESPR)
  • Energy Efficient Depth Based Routing Protocol (EEDRB)
  • Cross Layer Routing Protocol (CLRP)
  • Multi Input and Multi Output (also in MIMO) Routing Protocol
Distance Vector Based Routing:
  • Routing Information Protocol Version 1 (RIP v1)
  • Routing Information Protocol Version 2 (RIP v2)
  • Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP)
  • Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol(EIGRP)
Proactive Routing:
  • Destination Sequenced Distance Vector Routing Protocol(DSDV)
  • Wireless Routing Protocol(WRP)
  • Multi Channel Multi Interface Routing Protocol
  • Ad Hoc On Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol
  • Hazy Sighted Link State also in Routing Protocol (HSLS)
  • Hierarchical state also in Routing Protocol (HSR)
  • Optimized Link state Routing Protocol (OLSR)
  • Source Tree Adaptive also in Routing Protocol (STAR)
  • Topology Broadcast also Based Reverse Path Forwarding (TBRPF) Routing Protocol
Reactive Routing:
  • Traffic Flow Oriented also in Routing Protocol (TFORP)
  • Core Extraction Distributed Ad Hoc also in Routing Protocol (CEDAR)
  • Location Based also in Routing Protocol (LBR)
  • Scalable Source also in Routing Protocol (SSR)
  • Flow sate Dynamic Source also in Routing (DSRFLOW) Protocol
  • Boot-Strap Routing (also in BSR) Protocol
  • RDMA Over Converged Ethernet(also in ROCE) Routing protocol
  • Area Border Routing Protocol (also in ABR)


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