Project Topics on Network Security

Project Topics on Network Security

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Project Topics on Network Security

      Project Topics on Network Security offer innovative platform for students and research fellows to improve their knowledge to get great success in their academic career. We give step by step assistance for you to develop your project by own. We are implemented thousands of network security projects in miscellaneous popular research areas including wireless sensor networks, software defined networks, data mining, cloud computing, software defined network, internet of thing and more integrated domains. Today, wide range of technologies are increasing to prevent network threats and attacks including integrated security, next generation security software, Internet of Things security software product, RoT (Ransom-Ware of Things), web application protection, apply security in artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithm, web server protection etc.

         Let’s have a glance over some of the interesting aspects in network security

Cyber Security Trends in 2017

  • Security in Internet of Things
  • Enterprise Security
  • Block Chain Evolution
  • Security for Cloud
  • Improvement of Cyber Security Regulations
  • Organizational Cloud Migration
  • Increase Use of Cloud Security and Mobility

Major Issues in Network Security:

  • Fourth Party Attacks
  • Collaborative of Networks
  • Embedded System Security
  • Malware Detection
  • Define Network Security Protocol
  • Security in Ad Hoc Networks
  • RFID Technology
  • Network Forensics
  • Network Security Protection Measurement
  • Security in Telecommunication Network
  • IPv6 Network Security
  • Wireless Security

Steps to Build Smart Security in Business:

-Apply Essential Countermeasures

  • To protect Data and Equipment from Theft
  • Security Technology Used to Detect and Prevent Potential Incidents and Safeguard Sensitive Data
  • Security Product Essential for Everyday Business Such as

                   -Hard Disk Encryption (Product Data on System)

                   -Vulnerability Management System (Monitor Networked Computer to Potential Attack)

                   -Strong Authentication Devices (Remote Access by Mobile User)

                   -Intrusion Prevent System (Block Incoming Attacks from Internet)

-Commit with Security

  • Commitment to Information Security
  • Safeguard Sensitive Data
  • Product Critical Business Systems

-Maintain Vulnerability

-Understand Consequence Failing

  • Data Protection and Privacy Legislation
  • Product Cardholder Data
  • Monitor and Test Monitor Regularly
  • Vulnerability Management Program Maintenance
  • Build and Maintain Secure Networks
  • Strong Access Control Measures Implementation

-Establish Security Policies and Rules

  • Essential Rules for Critical Business Services and Safeguard Sensitive Data

-Establish Security Tasks Oversight

-Identify and Address Security Risk

  • Exposure to Security Threats

            -Data Theft or Equipment

            -Equipment Failures

            -Computer Hacking


            -Computer Malware and Virus

            -Fire and Floods

-Define Responsibility for Safeguard Key Assets

Supported Tools and Software for Network Security:

  • NeSSi
  • EXata
  • D4M
  • Aircrack
  • NST
  • Matlab MPI
  • Spyglass
  • HEtest
  • LNKnet
  • Zenmap

Latest Project Topics on Network Security:

  • Improve Network Level Performance in Wireless Nanosensor Networks Through Multi-Layer Modifications
  • Firearm Exploiting Dynamic Hand Pressure Biometrics Using Low Cost and High Accuracy User Authentication System
  • Energy Limited Heterogeneous Fog Supported WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks) Using Prolong Stable Election Routing Algorithm
  • Optimal Power Distributions for Spoofing Jamming Attack Strategy in Wireless Smart Grid Networks
  • Auditing Algorithm Shell (AAS) to Efficient Framework for Information Security in Cloud Computing

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