Networking Projects for Students

Networking Projects for Students

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Our marvellous intelligence provides grand support also for our students and also research scholars to learn more and also more about advanced networking researches, including large scale wireless networks, battery support also for smart devices, heterogeneous networks, secure communication, 5G with IoT, MU-Massive MIMO, advanced network standard, high speed moving networks of Rail networks and also VANET.  Our guidance must help you also to implement your intellectual research without any complexity. Here, we also pointed some of the important aspects of 5G networks also for your reference.   

5G Networking Features

  • 10Gbps Peak (Upload Rate)
  • 20Gbps Peak (Download Rate)
  • I Millisecond E2E Round Trip Delay (also Latency)
  • 15bps/Hz Peak Spectral Efficiency (also Uplink)
  • 30bps/Hz Peak Spectral Efficiency (also Downlink)
  • 1-10Gbps Connections (also End Points)
  • 50Mbps User Experienced Upload Rate
  • 100Mbps User Experienced Download Rate
  • 1000 * Bandwidth/ Unit Area
  • 100% Coverage
  • 10-100 * n number of Connected Device
  • 999% Availability
  • Up to 10 Year Battery Life (Machine Type Devices)
  • 90% of Reduction (Network Energy Usage)

Major Research Issues in 5G Networks

  • Data Rates
  • Latency
  • Handle Large Amount of Data
  • Net Neutrality Issues
  • Resource Limitation
  • High Data Traffic
  • Mobility
  • Quality of Service
  • Connect Billions of Machines
  • Buffering and Loading
  • Slow Network Connection
  • Switching Network
  • Network Self-Management

Interesting concepts in 5G Networks

  • Channel Modeling
  • Game Theory
  • MmWave Techniques
  • Radio Resource Management
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Network Function Visualization
  • Performance Analysis
  • Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Techniques

5G Networking Based Research Areas

  • Cognitive 5G Cellular Networks
  • 5G Radio Networks
  • 5-G Small Cell Networks
  • 5G Mobile Networks
  • 5-G Wi-Fi
  • Cognitive 5G Networks
  • Vehicular Network also Based 5G Network
  • 5G Ultra Dense Networks
  • 5-G Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Network
  • Cloud/CRAN also Based 5G Networks
  • 5G Software Defined Networks
  • 5G Era Networks
  • Software Defined 5G Radio Access Networks
  • 5-G Wireless Heterogeneous Networks
  • 5G Internet of Things
  • Massive MIMO also Based 5G Networks

Advanced Research in 5G Networking

  • Ultra Reliable Communication also in 5G Networks
  • Self-directed Social Device to Device Paradigm also for 5G Communication
  • Polarizing Reconfigurable Antenna also for 5G Wife
  • Radio Wave Propagation at mmWave Band also for 5G Communication
  • Millimeter Massive MIMO also in 5G Wireless Communication Systems
  • Primary Access also in 5G Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks
  • Flexible and Scalable RAN (Radio Access Network) also for 5G Mobile Networks
  • 5G also for Latency Critical Internet of Things Applications
  • Characterization of Microcellular Radio Channel also for 5G Communication
  • HD-DRX also in 5G Communication
  • Mobile Edge Computing Allow FWAN (Fiber Wireless Access Networks) also in 5G Era
  • SCMA Based Uplink Grant-Free Transmission also for 5G
  • Internet of Things Gateway over 5G Wireless
  • Integrate cloud and Fog Computing also for 5G Enabled V2G Networks
  • Inference Aware Based Energy Maximization also in Ultra Dense Networks
  • 5G Systems by also Green Communication Model
  • 5G Small Cell Planning also in Smart Grids
  • Asynchronous Multi User Uplink Transmission
  • Spectrum Reuse Ration in 5G Cellular Networks
  • Millimeter Wave and also Massive MIMO for 5G HetNet
  • 5G Ultra Dense Network also Based Mobility Management
  • High SHF Wideband Massive MIMO also in 5G

5G Network Hardware and Software

  • CDMA (Code Division multiple Access)
  • UWB Networks (also in Ultra Wide Band)
  • Smart Antenna
  • IPv6
  • World Wide Wireless Web
  • LAN Technologies
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Antivirus
  • Seamless and also Unified IP Combination of Broadband

5G Potential Technologies

-Spatial Modulation

    • Beam-Forming
    • SINR Optimization
    • Spatial Temporal Modulation Schemes

-Visible Light Communication

-Cloud Network & Cache

    • Dynamic and also Elastic Networks
    • Network Virtualization Function
    • Access Network Caching

-Massive MIMO

-Cognitive Radio Networks

-Native Support for M2M

    • Battery Consumption and also Low Power
    • Low Latency

-D2D Architecture

-Millimeter Wave Physical Layer Technologies

-Directional Antenna Design

-Channel Model Estimation

-New Modulation Scheme

    • Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA)
    • Filter Bank Multi Carrier (FBMC)
    • High Modulation Constellation
    • Sparse Code Multiple Access (SCMA)
    • 5G Non-Orthogonal Waveforms (also Asynchronous Signaling)
    • Universal Filtered Multi Carrier

5G Networking Applications

  • Autonomous Driving Connected Cars
  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Immersive or also Tactile Internet
  • Imagining Next Decade Mobile Services
  • M2M (Machine to Machine) Connectivity
  • Multi-Person Videoconferencing / Wireless Cloud also Based Office

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