Ns3 Projects for Master Thesis Students

Ns3 Projects for Master Thesis Students

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NS3 Projects for Master Thesis Students Online HelpRecent Research in Ns3

  • Evaluate XG-PON Module
  • GA Based Simulation System
  • Fuzzy Group Based Intersection Control
  • Adaptive Power Management
  • Co-Simulate Complex Energy Harvesting
  • Spectrum Section Pre-allocation
  • Optimal Deployment and Traffic Flows
  • Redundant Content Management
  • Long Term Channel Gain Prediction
  • Increasing Highway Traffic Safety
  • Information Centric Cost Efficient Optimization
  • Code Transparent Discrete Event Simulation
  • Motion Driven Packet Forwarding
  • On-Demand Energy Forwarding
  • Safety Message Generation Rate Adaptation
  • Motion Driven Packet Forwarding

Ns3 Master Thesis Students

       Ns3 Projects for Master Thesis Students offer well-structured thesis for your highly sophisticated Ns3 projects with the aid of our expert’s assistance. Our experts have also implemented thousands of highly advanced Ns3 master thesis students in most popular research areas which is recently useful for society, including wireless body area sensor networks, social sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks, cognitive radio networks, vehicular ad hoc networks, heterogeneous wireless ad hoc networks, internet of things, underwater sensor networks, software-defined networks, also Heterogeneous MIMO networks, LEO satellite networks, delay tolerant networks, etc.  

Ns3 is also an open-source discrete event simulation tool which is mainly focused on education and research principle. It is also used to simulate networks using protocols, channels, traffic generators, and devices. Now, we discuss some of the important aspects of Ns3.

 Here, we highlighted little information about Ns3

  • It is used to increase modularity, scalability and also coding style
  • Also It design like a group of libraries which can be also use and combine together with external libraries
  • It supports major interfaces (IP address, multi interfaces per nodes, network devices and also sockets) to create realistic in network application.
  • So It can be also used visualization tools, external animators and also data analysis

Ns3 Supported Languages

  • C++: Simulator Core
  • Python: For Scripting and Visualization

Ns3 Supported Platforms

  • Linux Ubuntu
  • FreeBSDfedora
  • OS X Lion
  • OS-X Mountain Lion
  • OS X Snow Leopard
  • Cygwin
  • Linux Fedora
  • MAC OS X Leopard Powerpc

Ns3 Supported Tools

  • Netanim
  • PyViz
  • Pybindgen
  • Direct Code Execution
  • TraceMetrics
  • WAF
  • Bake
  • Gnuplot
  • Matplotlib

Purpose of Tools

  • Netanim: It is also a Qt toolkid based offline animator to animate networks using collect XML trace file during simulation.
  • PyViz: It is also a real time simulation visualization module to visualize output in the form of animation.
  • Pybindgen: It is also a python binding generator for C/C++ codes
  • Direct Code Execution: It is also a generic tool to provide completely controllable and repeatable test environment
  • TraceMetrics: It is also a trace file analyzer to analyze trace files quickly and calculate metrics for performance measurement and research
  • WAF: It is also a python based build automation tool which is designed to help computer software installation and automatic compilation.
  • Bake: It is also a tool for build and develop distributed software also for NS3.
  • Gnuplot: It is also a plotting tool which is also use to plot graphs from NS3 Data
  • Matplotlib: It is also an object oriented plotting library which is also model after Matlab for Python programming language

         We also previously mentioned very few information about the Ns3 simulator. If you need further information, you can also approach our branch at 24 hours in 7days/ week. We are also always greeting you with our happiest heart.