OpenCV Projects

OpenCV Projects

      OpenCV Projects provide excellent opening for students and research scholars to accomplish their final year projects. We offer ultramodern research guidance with real-time project development training for prolonging support to the upcoming research professionals. We give comprehensive solutions for researchers and students to choose their academic projects from our latest collection of project concepts suggested by our experts. If you had an exciting idea, you could free to ask us. We implement your project and work to provide complete support and guidance from our experts.

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      OpenCV Projects is our delightful service which is launched for cater global level students and research intellectuals to deliver our outstanding project development guidance by our spectacular knowledgeable professionals. In this academic, we delivered our excellent project development support and guidance with 10000+ OpenCV for the mass of final year students who come from 120+ countries in this world with world-class experts. Here’s, we provided a description of OpenCV (from the basics to advanced level)

What is OpenCV?
  • Open source computer vision that consists of programming functions. It is used for real-time computer vision i.e. Image processing
  • It is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
  • Supported Languages: Java, C, C++, Python, OCTAVE or Matlab
  • Supported OS: Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux
  • Latest Version: OpenCV 3.2.0
Why we go for OpenCV?
  • Faster than Matlab
  • Expert on Real-Time Image processing
  • Easily interface with various VLSI boards like Raspberry pi
Key Features of OpenCV:
  • Provide optimized code for advanced vision research
  • Portable and freely available optimized code for advanced vision based commercial applications
  • Vision knowledge disseminate using a common infrastructure so that OpenCV code would be transferable and readable
  • It is used to accelerate deep nets execution and accelerate some image processing pipelines

The Basic Structure of the OpenCV library:

 The core part covers the following functionality:
  • Basic data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Drawing functions
 The Machine Learning part covers the following functionality:
  • Classification tools
  • Clustering tools
 The CV part covers the following functionality:
  • Vision Algorithms
  • Image Processing Algorithms
The High GUI part covers the following functionality:
  • I/O functions for images and videos
  • Graphical User Interfaces
Where we used OpenCV?
  • Security systems
  • Video search
  • Image retrieval
  • Industry and education research
  • Google Search Engine (Maps, Street View, Books, Earth)
  • Safety monitoring
  • Robotics
  • Structure from motion in movies
  • Machine vision factory
Development Tools and Software Frameworks:
  • EmguCV: Cross platform .Net wrapper for OpenCV image processing library
  • JavaCV: It is used common libraries for computer vision applications. The libraries are FFmpeg, PGR FlyCapture, OpenKinect, libdc1394, CL PS3 eye driver, ARToolkitplus, videoinput and also flandmark.
  • Open-cv python: It uses wrapper package also for openCV python bindings
  • Mexopencv: It is software package contains a C++ class also that used to convert Matlab data types to OpenCV data types
  • OpenCV iOS: OpenCV iOS framework which supports 32 bit and also 64 bit
  • OpenCV4Android SDK: It contains OpenCV API and also libraries to develop android applications
  • Vision_openCV: OpenCV stack that converts ROS images also to OpenCV images
OpenCV Hardware Acceleration Frameworks:
  • OpenCL (Heterogeneous platforms contains CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, also FPGAs)
  • CUDA (Application Programming Interface and also Parallel Computing Platform)

Recent Application Areas of OpenCV

  • Augmented Reality
  • Egomotion Estimation
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Facial Recognition System
  • Facial Emotion Recognition Using Machine Learning
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Motion Tracking and also Understanding
  • Segmentation and also Recognition
  • Object Identification
  • Structure from Motion
  • Stereopsis Stereo Vision
  • Human Computer Interaction

Research Topics in OpenCV

  • Feature Based Image Stitching Algorithm Evaluation also Using OpenCV
  • Learning Centered Emotions also by Facial Expression Corpus Creation from ECG Signals
  • Design Embedded System on Programmable Chip also for an Image Processing Application
  • High Resolution Face Image Acquisition System Design and Implementation Under Open Source Computer Vision Library also Based Low Illumination
  • A Cost Effective Method also for Human Face Detection & Recognition Based Automobile Security
  • A Dual Camera Children Monitoring System Design also Based on Motion Tracking Technology
  • Loop Closure Detection Experimental Implementation also by Spectral Method Using Data Dimensionality Reduction
  • Real Time Face Tracking and Detection on Mobile Phones for Detect Criminals
  • Contour Lines Reconnection from GPU Implementation also Based Topographical Maps Scanned Color Images
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Based Autonomous Vehicle Design also with the Help of Computer Vision
  • Computer Vision Technique also for Practical Collision Avoidance and Animal Detection
  • Automatic Fetal Abdominal Selection Measurement also for Use on a Portable Ultrasound Machine in Low and also Middle Income Countries
  • Automatic Circular Shaped Overlapped Objects Counting and Detection Using Circular Contour Detection and also Hough Transform
  • Live Gesture Recognition also for Hospital Power Automation System
  • Sensor Assisted Face Recognition System Through Multi-View Sparse Representation Classification also on Smart Glass