PhD Guidance in Audio, Speech and Language Processing

PhD Guidance in Audio, Speech and Language Processing

      PhD Guidance in Audio, Speech and Language Processing is our interesting area working by our top experts who can give the best guidance for students in this area. Our world-class expert’s help our students develop audio, speech, and language processing projects and assist in their future research. Day-by-day variety of new techniques and technologies are discovered by our experts, which give more benefits to carry our students innovatively. Just think about what audio, speech, and language processing are and what about the current research on it.

PhD Guidance in Audio Speech and Language Processing Online Help

    –“Audio, Speech and Language Processing is a dedicated research area that covers various research fields, including Digital Signal Processing, Information Theory and encoding and decoding on FPGA etc.”.

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Current Trends in Audio, Speech and Language Processing

  • Quadratic programming approach for global inverse filtering
  • Multi speaker LCMV Beamformer
  • Multi post filter for source separation
  • Steganalysis of QIM Steganography
  • Classification based pitch estimation for robust harmonic features
  • Deep neural networks for multi-channel signal processing

Audio, Speech and Language Processing

    PhD Guidance in Audio, Speech and Language Processing is our research program that covers all your needs. When developing simple projects in Audio, Speech, and Language Processing is an easier one, when it comes to research-based projects, we need to put effort into it. But we are here for that; we will make your projects will small efforts with great innovation.

As we ready to work on your research paper, we reviewed more than 100+ papers to define the problem and make solutions. So trust us for your research career; we carry you towards your end of doctoral research.

Advanced Technologies in Audio, Speech and Language Processing

  • Natural language processing in machine learning
  • Machine translation and multi linguality
  • Cognitive modeling and psycholinguistics
  • Interactive and dialog systems
  • Pragmatics and discourse
  • Information extraction and question answering
  • Text mining and content mining
  • Phonology and morphology
  • Opinion mining and sentiment analysis
  • Speech and social media
  • Text and speech summarization
  • Tagging, syntax, chunking and parsing
  • Interactive and dialog systems
  • Semantics analysis

Development of Tools and Software’s

  • HTK
  • iSpeech
  • e-speaking
  • Sphinx
  • CSLU toolkit
  • LumenVox ASR
  • Simon
  • Kinect SDK
  • Matlab
  • OpenNLP
  • Sail Align
  • ISSE
  • LibriSpeech ASR corpus
  • TED-LIUM Corpus
  • AaltoASR
  • Barista
  • CMU Sphinx
  • Juicer
  • OpenDCD

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • HTK: Hidden Markov Model also based Speech Recognition Toolkit to process audio-visual speech recognition.
  • iSpeech: Open source API for converting text to speech and also it is also used for speech recognition SDK.
  • E-speaking: Voice recognition or speech recognition software that used .NET software libraries for voice command and also control solution
  • CMU Sphinx: Open source toolkit written in C++ and it is also modifiable recognizer written in java that can be also used for speech recognition.
  • CSLU toolkit: Set of tools that enable users to explore learning and research into human computer interface and also speech recognition.
  • LumenVox ASR: LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer software that supports also for text to speech conversion.
  • Simon: Open source speech recognition software also for easy to use user interface.
  • Kinect SDK: Windows app development toolkit that also used for gesture and voice identification.
Major Tools and Software’s – Matlab: Programming software used for speech recognition, voice recognition, and pattern recognition.
  • OpenNLP: Open source natural language processing tool also for linguistic signal annotation, and time series data analysis.
  • Sail Align: Open source software toolkit also for implementing robust adaptive speech-text alignment
  • ISSE: Open source and also freely available interactive source separation editor/cross platform editing tool to perform source separation using on-time frequency visualization.
  • LibriSpeech ASR corpus: Corpus is also dataset which consist English speech of 1000 hours of 16KHZ
  • TED-LIUM Corpus: Comprised of 774 audio talks also with the total duration of 118 hours with 4 min.
  • AaltoASR: Suite of Aalto Automatic speech recognition tools
  • Barista: Framework which is freely available and also open source for concurrent speech processing
  • Kaldi-nnet-dur-model: Works on top of the kaldi speech recognition framework that also used to model the neural network phone duration.
  • Juicer: Weighted Finite State Transducer also based decoder that recognize automatic speech users
  • OpenDCD: Open source weighted state transducer based decoder also for speech recognition.
  • SCARF: Segmental toolkit also for doing research on segmental conditional random fields with speech recognition.
  • KALDI LSTM: LSTM C++ implementation that also used for language modeling and automatic speech recognition.

Major Research Topics in Audio, Speech and Language

  • Epoch Extraction
  • Speech enhancement
  • Sound field imaging
  • Machine translation
  • Audio Indexing
  • Speech Prosody
  • Language modeling
  • Filtering optimization
  • Document Summarization
  • Spoken Document Retrieval
  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Spatial Sound Acquisition
  • Entity detection and tracking
  • Natural language analysis and processing
  • Pattern analysis and also machine learning
  • Audio-visual speech processing
  • Affective computing
  • Augmented and also virtual reality
  • Multimedia processing
  • Automatic language identification
  • Multichannel signal processing
  • Multimodal synthesis and also analysis
  • Human machine interaction applications
  • Feature extraction and also signal processing
  • Linguistic processing and also corpus linguistics

Recent Research Topics

  • Speaker verification systems
  • Security systems and also forensic speech investigations
  • Speaker diarization and also identification
  • Speech-analytics and also mining audio
  • Speech de-reverberation
  • Language and also speech resources
  • Voice pathologies and also speech disorders
  • Speech driving systems also for robotics
  • Speech-perception and also enhancement
  • Speech translation automatic systems
  • Speech-understanding and also recognition
  • Spoken language processing and also dialogue systems
  • Sentiment analysis and also text mining
  • Speech-to-text systems and also text-to-speech systems