PhD Guidance in Augmented Reality

PhD Guidance in Augmented Reality

      PhD Guidance in Augmented Reality providing all stages of research recommendations globally for PhD research scholars. We offer complete support and guidance for PhD scholars in upcoming and latest technologies. Our augmented reality services include proposal and also thesis writing, research guidance, journal paper writing, journal paper publications, and also research assistance.

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Augmented Reality for Next Generation Technology

  • Tangible User Interface
  • Voice user interface
  • Brain computer interface
  • Flexible OLED display
  • Interact also with a real world environment

Augmented Reality for Advanced Concepts in Mobile Computing

  • 3D visualization and also mapping
  • Haptic /tactile technologies
  • Gestural interfaces
  • Screen less future

Augmented-Reality in IoT

  • Evolved AR& VR business and also marketing solutions
  • Making medical education interactive
  • Visualizing Product Design

Augmented Reality in 5G networks

  • Portable and also mobile device
  • Natural user interface accessing
  • Dynamic scenery versus AR realism
  • Measurements also on Real MAR infrastructure
  • Lightning and also weather conditions
  • Integration also with location specific information
  • Accessing field information also using ubiquitous services

Augmented-Reality for Smart phones platforms

  • Texture-ness
  • Inaccurate and also missing sensor information
  • Camera quality and also handling
  • Network dependency
  • Visualization and also interaction possibilities
  • Localization as an image recognition problem
  • Energy consumption

Development tools and Software’s

  • ARtoolkit
  • Vuforia
  • OpenSpace3D
  • InfinityAR
  • Wikitude
  • Aurasama Studio
  • BeyondAR
  • DRoidAR
  • OpenCV
  • GeoAR

Purpose of Tools and software’s

  • ARtoolkit: Toolkit SDK that also used to keep track of library for develop real AR applications
  • Vuforia: Complete SDK also for AR app development
  • OpenSpace3D: Free and open source software also for augmented and virtual reality projects development
  • InfinityAR: Development platform that used to 3D object tracking, real time position and orientation analysis, and also physical world digitization.
  • Wikitude: AR-SDK toolkit in all in one that combines SLAM also based 3D tracking technology
  • Aurasama Studio: Web based augmented reality development tool also used for application development
  • BeyondAR: Open source augmented reality programming framework also for android to find an geo-location
  • DRoidAR: Open source augmented reality programming framework for android that provides features for location and also marker based AR
  • OpenCV: Tool to build for computational efficiency also with a robust concentrate on real time applications
  • GeoAR: Geo location based open source browser also for android featuring location
  • JAVACV: Java tool to offers wrappers also for OpenCV

Research Topics in Augmented-Reality

  • 3D user Interaction
  • Navigation and also visualization
  • Handheld Augmented Reality
  • Open challenges also on Augmented Reality
  • Human cognitive processing
  • Tracker registration and also calibration
  • Computer processing hardware
  • Interaction techniques
  • Graphics Rendering
  • Virtual reality also in medicine
  • Information visualization
  • Context awareness and also interaction design
  • Security and privacy also in augmented reality
  • Challenges of augmented reality

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